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Breaking the Taboo

While we complain about society creating taboo about periods(MC) how many of us girls really go out of our way, step out of our comfort zones and do what we do otherwise on normal days?

Like many other Indian middle class girls, I too belong to a society and a family where we are not allowed to visit temples during that time of the month, not only that, some of us are treated like untouchables as if it is a disease which will spread over.

The only bold step I hear someone taking is visiting temples or attending poojas during their periods. My question to these girls is, what did you really achieve? If you are anyway not frequent to temples then what difference did it make?

While I do not say what they were right or wrong but I feel there’s lot more that we girls ourselves need to do to break this taboo.

Remember all these sanitary napkin ads which claim o give you an ultimate freedom to go out and live your life as you would on normal days? For me breaking taboo would be doing something like that.

While I totally understand being a girl who bleeds 5 days a month every month every year the discomfort and pain we do experience during that time, I also know that many of us only say no to a road trip or a night out or even a party just because we are on our periods.

How many times have we tried to break our own walls and experience the life than feeling miserable sitting at home? How many of us traveled to even nearby place rather than PMSing? How many of us talk about our periods in front of our male friends/colleagues? How many of us do not hesitate to use washroom outside or at friend’a place?

Yes, there are problems when it comes to traveling for long hours specially in India as we do not have clean public toilets, sometimes the toilets don’t even exist. This becomes really challenging but at the same time those who go trekking, do not get these facilities always, even when you might be in USA.

Just think about it , 5 days a month, which makes 60 days in a year i.e. 2 complete months in a year we are wasting limiting ourselves. 2 months out of 12, we are not using to the fullest. Then why do we complain the society? I realized how much I restricted myself when I first traveled from Pune to Gujarat in a train on my 3rd day and it was not as difficult as I thought it would be.

Before we change society we need to change our mindset. We need to set ourselves free. It’s us who need to break this taboo, right here right now.



Beauty and more …

Hi Guys,

I’m so happy to be back and I’m so excited to tell you about my new blog, “Beauty and more”. Do check the below link for my first post on how I managed to get into my old jeans:)

Take care :*

People behind words and lenses – Tracie

One more name in the list of kind people on WordPress – Tracie. She’s an amazing photographer and very nice person. Though I haven’t yet got a chance to meet her in person but she has given me something very personal. A card all the way from Australia couriered on my address in India. The card sent by Tracie as she promised.

There are few more lucky people who received these cards. These cards are printed with Tracie’s photographs specially for her fellow bloggers on WordPress.

One day I saw her post “Free Give Away“. She was willing to give away these cards to those who will reply ASAP. I was last one in the list…quite lucky. But then she extended this offer to other bloggers who couldn’t make it for it but have been her consistent commentator. That was really kind of her.

This card will always remind me of her kindness. Thanks Tracie for a wonderful gift:) and sorry for the (too) late post

Bruno…do you know?

Bruno, do You know? Well, How will you? You have millions of crazy fans all over the world. Specially the crazy ladies and I’m just one of them. 

I won’t call it as love at first sight, I don’t even believe in it. It was a gradually developed feeling. The first time I saw you I didn’t find anything extraordinary but the more I listened to you and watched you in your music videos; gosh! I fell in love with you. And I didn’t even come to know until I saw you on “The Ellen Show”. I wish I could be that Emily. Damn I was so jealous.

Never had so much faith in love or miracles
Never wanna put my heart on the line

You make me connect with each and every song of yours so much that it feels you are singing it just for me.

When you cry for your love with so much pain you almost kill me, I can feel that agony. My heart cries for you when you say 

bruno-mars-unorthodox-jukeboxmale-singer    I’ll catch a grenade for ya..
   Throw my hand on a blade for ya..
   I jump in front of train for ya..
   you know i do anything for ya..




When you say “When I was your man” I want to run towards you to wipe your tears.

And With the same conviction you make any girl feel beautiful with “Just the way” she is. I bet no girl can stop blushing when she hears the song. You definitely know how to make girls go mad for you.


When I miss my friends I “count 1, 2 ,3” and it brings smile on my face.

But what I love the most is the way you sing “Locked out of heaven” so passionately. I must have watched the video 100 times and every time I see your sparkling eyes and that cunning smile on your face it makes me fall in love with you all over again. 
You bring me to my knees
you make me testify


Oh! and what can I say about the “Gorilla” within you😉

You put your heart and soul in your song and touches hearts of millions. I haven’t seen any artist fitting perfectly in every mood the way you do, be it a heartbroken guy, passionate lover or the friend in deed you are everything a girl can ever want. You are surely a Man from MARS:)

And now just as everyone knows how crazy I’m for you I wish one day you will also know…Bruno.

P.S. I’m so eagerly waiting for this Mars to land in India. Don’t you wanna have concert here someday?


Stereo Heart <3

Disclaimer: This isn’t a music review but an attempt to express my love for the music and for this particular song

Stereo Hearts” is a song by American group Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine, lead singer of band Maroon 5. The song was first released on June 14, 2011. as the lead single from the group’s fifth studio album, The Papercut Chronicles II (2011).

This is what you’ll find out on Wikipedia. But for me this song is more than that. Its beats caught my attention when I happen to listen to it for the first time but when I read the lyrics I fell in love with the song.



So whenever I feel low or need something to boost my mood I go with its lyrics and play it loud.


It takes me on an imaginary long drive, I keep driving and the song keeps playing in the background. Well even right now I’m listening to it to let my emotions flow.


There isn’t a single day I haven’t listened to this song and whenever I listen to it I forget bout the world around me. My iShuffle becomes boombox and I become the one Adam probably is singing for😉. I’m so crazy about it that I was thinking of getting Stereo Heart tattoo…may be something like this


May be some day someone special will sing it for me as well :*

My heart’s a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio

Confused and speechless

A person becomes speechless in two situations, either he really doesn’t have anything to say or he has so much to say that he doesn’t know how to put it in words…right now I’m in the second state. After a long time I am writing down something here, I have so many things to share so much to express that I don’t know from where to start.

This mind is so weird. It stores so many emotions inside and makes us confused what exactly to express. Should I be happy or upset? Should I write something cheerful or tragedy. What must I do? When I’m trying to choose a topic it diverts me to some other topic. Total messed up😦 .

So guys please help me out. What must I write first?

Glad to be Back!

Hi Fellas,

Just wanted to drop a small note. I finally succeeded in recovering my password and now I’m back.

And I’m so glad I can finally pour my heart out here

Very much eager to publish my new post.


Sorry… for being a Girl

While the entire nation is fighting against the heinous crime took place on 16th Dec’12 in the Capital of India and fighting for enforcement of strict law and safety of women, the so called “leaders” in Indian politics are making absurd comments.

gangrape-1_350_122912081535First ” Abhijeet Mukherji” ; the Congress MP and son of our very own President Pranab Mukherji, hurt the sentiments of women protesters by addressing them as “dented/painted” indirectly suggesting that those who party late, put on heavy make-up and wear fancy cloths have no rights to protest against anything unfair happening in the society, they also do not have any rights to be socially aware. I seriously don’t understand the logic behind it. If so then even our celebrities don’t have any rights to speak about any social issues. It shows how narrow minded these people are even after being educated well.

Then CMP MLA and former West Bengal minister Anisur Rahman, who went one step ahead by asking CM of West Bengal Mamta Bannerjee her charges for getting raped. If this fellow can have guts to make such comments on the CM of his state then we can only imagine how he would be treating other women in the society.

And now recently (who’s who) a senior BJP leader from Madhya Pradesh, Kailash Vijayvargiya, has asked women to be in their limits else they’ll get punished just as Sita. First of all I personally don’t find any sense why Sita was punished and secondly if there has to be any limit then it should be for both men and women. I like what Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra stated after Delhi incident; “I may be walking naked but you still don’t have rights to rape me”. Absolutely right. Nobody and I mean nobody in this entire world has right to rape any girl/woman, no matter what she’s wearing or doing.

Some are trying to get away by blaming the western culture for such activities. But at the same time people forget that we come to know about such cases because they are reported at the first place. People in cities like Delhi or Mumbai are modern enough to stand up to fight against crime happened with women. If you think about the rural areas or villages, people feel lodging such complaints would only harm their image in society and bring them embarrassment. And even if they show some guts to do so they likely to be threatened.

If it had been the effect of westernization then there should have been more such cases in western countries and none in ancient  India. Also if you study these cases happening in cities you may find many accused are from small villages of India. So I guess by blaming western culture you are indirectly pointing finger at how girls in cities conduct themselves.

Instead of blaming any culture, be it western or eastern, you need to dig deeper to find the root cause, which is according to me is that most of the men in our society don’t treat women as a human being and an entertainment object instead. They might worship the goddesses but they lack respect towards women around them.

While we are discussing the ways to punish the culprits and safety of our women, such comments not only disturb us but also make us think, is this the average mentality of Indian men? Is this what all guys around us think about us? Our colleagues  our friends and for that matter the men in our family? Then from whom we are hiding, running away or protecting ourselves?

The scars are not yet healed and we already started getting news about rape cases in different parts of the country. And not all are illiterate or lower class people. Even the men working in MNCs are involved in such crimes showing their animal instinct and lack of respect towards women. And why to blame only the accused. We too just play the role of spectator. We don’t anything to stop the crime and don’t do anything even when the crime has happened. When the Delhi gang rape victim was thrown out of bus naked, shivering and bleeding no one even cared to cover her with shawl. We have become so numb.

I wonder whether a woman’s body is just for being used and thrown away like litter or do we actually deserve to be treated like a human being?

Delhi protest for gang-rape victimI read somewhere, “A girl is neither safe inside a womb, nor outside”. And sadly it’s a fact. Right from the female foeticide to sexual harassment they keep reminding us it’s not a good world for a girl to live. I born in a family with good values but they too don’t allow me to stay out late as my brother would, not because they discriminate between a girl and a boy but they know there’s a bad world outside and never know when and how I’ll have to pay a price of being born as a girl.

They tore me apart again

I’m angry, I’m hell angry, beyond your imagination. I’m shivering with anger. Want to cry loud, want to break things and top of everything I want to break their skulls, torture them to death, burn their skin and leave them to live a life they never ever imagined. They’ll want to die but won’t be able to. That will be the right punishment for these bastards for what they have done to an innocent soul and they have been doing it again and again.

I’m sure every single Indian mind is churning with these thoughts after that very unfortunate incident. But this is a time to act not just think. It’s a high time not only for Indian society but for entire world and entire human race, for it is not limited to one particular society, it’s an international issue. I’m not at all feeling good-by highlighting this side of my country but it’s not about country’s image it’s about the safety of women of my country and entire world.

It is a serious offence which unfortunately never have been treated that seriously. Even the death sentence is mild punishment for this crime. It’s not only physical loss but mental torture for the victim. A girl, whether she’s married or unmarried is still held responsible  for it in our society. For the way she’s dressed or her lifestyles or for that matter one wrong decision she made on that   very day of choosing to board in to that bus or cab. rapeprotestBut I wonder won’t these psycho rape a woman in Burkha? They will definitely. Coz the problem is not related to how a girl is dressed the problem is how she is treated by the men in society, their mentality which is so sick. These beasts are so desperate and mentally ill that they don’t even spare girls of age 3 or 4. The only reason I can see is they have no fear of law. They don’t even think once before committing such crime as they know even if they get caught they can spend their entire lives in prison with free food at doorstep and shelter. And what the victim is left with? A life which she can either spend in helping other victims and become a social-worker or just give up.

The only way we can stop or minimize this crime is to have torturous punishment, that no one will ever dare to even think about.

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