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December 2011

Most awaited

I’m not a pet person but like most of the people on this earth I had this wish…I wanted to play with cubs…the little cute ones. When I got chance to visit South Africa I could see my dream coming true. And it was not more than a month; I visited a zoo near Hartbeespoort dam. In the crowd of different species, some dangerous, venomous, some just stupid, I found two little cute cubs kept in for people to come and click photographs with. They were so innocent and sweet that I couldn’t resist myself to go and hug them.

This was really one of those moments which I’ll treasure in my heart forever.


The Secret

Almost 3 years back…I was released from my project…sitting idle after working so hard  is not a good thing and that too in the recession…really dangerous. I badly needed some project and badly needed some change too. I thought shifting to Pune would be good idea. It’s not far from Mumbai so I can meet my family over the weekends and also can enjoy some freedom. But I’ll be going away from my family for the first time and somewhere I wasn’t so happy about it…and for this reason I didn’t put efforts to get transfer as I also could see no chances of it. I was in dilemma and that’s when I heard about this enchanting book…The Secret.

It’s hard to believe but the day when I issued this book from our office library I got a call from Pune office for the new project…it was surprising for me…I thought it’s mere coincident but later on there had been many incidents which made me believe and have faith in whatever The Secret says.

The Secret is all about your will power and the power of your thoughts…so it’s simple and easy to apply. You need nothing but the power within you to achieve whatever you want, no matter how big it is and how impossible it seems to be. It has no age barrier, it doesn’t favour anyone.

I used it several times and it worked for me. Whenever I feel lost, whenever I feel everything is going wrong I just grab it and start reading again and it gives me the positivity which helps me come out of any damn situation. I always carry it with me wherever I go.

The Secret has a power to change a single life and thus the whole nation. Imagine if all of us start using The Secret for betterment of our lives and eventually the whole world!

Being happy is the key for everything…it’s The Secret…

May the joy be with you.

Musical Noise

Vocalist shouting at the top of his voice, guitarist playing till he dies, loud       music…hard rock…Gosh so noisy. How can people listen to such kind of music? Can   you even call it as music? I listened to many live bands performing Rock…I could see people enjoying it, banging their heads…and I used to sit with absolutely no expressions on my face.

Music is something which gives you peace of mind, which makes you dance and forget rest of the world.  Music is soulful, music is refreshing. This was my definition of Music until I met a person who made me listen to Rock forcefully. I had no option coz I can’t close my ears…I wish I could. He used to keep telling me once you listen to rock and understand the lyrics you’ll love it and I used to argue with him that rock is not my cup of tea and you can’t forcefully make someone to like something which is not his/her kind.

Ya the tune is good but I can’t handle the loudness and noise. But after listening to it almost every day I got used to of this noise. Then I put some efforts to download lyrics and understand the meaning and then I realised why they are screaming, why they are so restless and now I agree with my friend (not totally though).

Till now the bands like Linkin’ Park, Coldplay, 3 doors down were nothing but a group of psychos for me…now they are in my list of favourites and the songs are in my iPod. Now this noise has become music to my ears. Now I can go to Hard Rock Cafe and actually enjoy it along with other people J

The journey looks better….

Its December…people have already started planning their holidays. Durban, Cape Town, St. Lucia or for that sake out of country to Belgium, Dubai, India…everyone has different destination. But smile on their faces says … it’s Holiday time!!!

Sop like any other person in our office even we planned our trip…to Durban…checking accommodation online…calling the hotlines…sending enquiries…Alas! All are booked. But we have made our mind…no matter what we want to make this happen…

Thanks to my colleague who has once upon a time purchased flat in Durban, Amanzimtoti. We finally got that and that too for much cheaper rate…yippieeee

So here’s the gang of four…all set to rock Durban. Following the GPS signal we started our journey… took one wrong turn and had to face lotsa problems…but somehow we managed to get out of Johannesburg.

The roads in SA are anyways good… (Except for the thing that you can’t take U-turn if you make any mistake and have to travel KMs long to reach the same point). You can easily drive with the speed of 100-120KMPH. But it’s better to follow the speed limit if you don’t want to waste your trip money on paying finesJ.

My (female) friend was driving fairly (mentioned the female deliberately as many of my male friends think that female drivers are bad…and that they don’t have sense of direction and orientation)…I’m being the navigator (female again)…checking all the turns and the exits…Guys, it’s not an easy task (but we did it).

Few kilometres out of Jo’burg, the real journey started.

Greenery on sides, cool wind, and sun was setting after its hectic day…Sometimes we could see horses or cows on the other side of the road… somewhere it goes thru the midst of hills covered with fog and somewhere it’s glowing with sunshine and you feel it’s the heaven on earth.

Though I was busy following the GPS took a little time off to click some best shots…but then I decided to just admire the beauty of the nature and store it in my mind forever…

Roads, Pathways have always fascinated me especially if there are trees on both sides and almost no one on the road…quite peaceful. I can click number of pictures…keep looking at the roads and get lost…

I sometimes feel the journey is better than the destination…

Even in schools when we used to go for picnic…all the kids from one class used to travel in one bus. We used play games…Antakshari…sing songs or just pull someone’s leg…having the best times of our lives…Sometimes you find a friend in an acquaintance and get close to the one you already have in such journey.

We all are born and no matter who we are and to which country and society we belong to, we have only one destination…but in the journey of life…we meet so many people to accompany us…even if it’s for shorter period…they leave behind some memories…you halt at some point …you take turns…some points are your milestones…some are just like potholes..You enjoy the smoothness …you overcome the bad patches…but still everyone wants to continue this journey and never reach the destination coz we all feel that this journey is better…

God bless the technologies

I’m all set to go and face the new world. The roads are little busier today. Good to see that.

Office building is also looking good…much better than what we have at offshore. Few formalities and I got the location and PC as well…yippiieee

I’m being introduced to everyone…seems like people were waiting for me to come here…is it because they were expecting me to come or just because I’m a girl ;)( as I can’t see many feminine faces here.)

One thing I observed so far…people have this weird way of greeting each other. Every time you meet them they don’t say hi/hello they say “How are u/howz it?” and before you answer them and ask them back they disappear. And it doesn’t matter how many times you meet them in a day, every time they’ll ask you the same thing…as if you have a mood swing.

Well as they say “jaisa des waisa bhes” (literal translation…dress up yourself like the local people …now that sounds quite funny) so I have to adopt this tradition.

I’m sitting far away from the only people I know here…fortunately I got enough work to keep myself busy.

Back to home… (Or should I call it an apartment)…nothing much to do…just regular stuff…cook and eat…n sleep

Day’s are passing by… It’s been almost half a month that I’ve come here. Life in here is looking so boring…Nothing exciting yet

I’m not a homesick person but this time I’m missing all my people a lot… got the sim card but still can’t talk to my parents for long time…and it’s frustrating.

God bless the technologies… I got new mobile with Fring and WhatsApp installed in it…the cheaper way to keep in touch with my loved ones…feeling so relieved J

When you come across such technologies it looks like these are meant for poor (not only in monetary terms) software engineers like us staying miles away from their families.

After all only a software engineer can understand what other software engineers are going through. 😉

Flying Away

Yessss… I’m so excited…for the first time in my life I’m flying and straight to different country. My first flight. I’m damn nervous and excited at the same time. Ufff…holding my breaths….it’s gonna take off…I opted for the window seat…wanna see how it looks from thousand of meters height…above the clouds…must be looking fantastic …I’ve seen in movies and in pictures…my friends have told me. It’s giving me feeling of some great achievement …why not…I’m the first one to fly so far on my own in my family and close relatives…I could see it in my parents eyes how proud they were feeling…though the eyes were filled with tears… and my sisters bidding me adieu as if I’m going to my in-laws place…haha…my bro…my sweetheart … is all ready to flaunt in front of his friends that his sis is flying to SA J…

I can see the screen …the map shows 99% path is over the sea…oh God! I’m getting goose bumps.

The flight took off and thru window I could see lights on the streets of Mumbai…the city which never sleeps…is still lighting at this time…2.30 AM…still looking so beautiful…once in a lifetime experience.

I’m not able to close my eyes…not able to sleep…I’m that excited…

9 hrs of flight…except the initial excitement and turbulence for 2-3 times…was actually boring.

My colleague and his family were waiting to receive me and my old friend had come to see me at airport… Finally I’m out of here…but having severe headache…I badly need to take some rest.

Dumped my luggage in the car…seating at the back seat…I can see the roads more closely…the one which were looking like mere single line from the flight. It’s so deserted…hardly could see any car passing by

In India you won’t find roads so deserted in day time at least…people walking around…in midst of the road and sometimes autos or bikes going over the foot path…but that’s how it looks lively …..How people live here? Gosh

It’s my first day here, and I ain’t liking it at all. I wish I could take the next flight and fly back to India. Feeling so helpless. This bloody cell phone isn’t working here. Can’t talk to anyone. Moreover dumped in a flat and have to share bed with other girl. Why was I so excited to come here? My first onsite. I was supposed to be happy. But I don’t feel the same. How I’m gonna survive here for 3 more monthsL. I’m suffocating. And on top of that this headache.

Please someone come for my rescue. But who’ll help me. Don’t even have friends here whom I can count on. I never missed my family, my friends and my country so much before L Feel like crying loudly. I can’t take it anymore. I wanna go back…right now.

Alright…let’s face the reality. I can’t at least for another 2 – 3 months even think of going back to India.

Everyone’s going to Gurudwara nearby for langar today…Good start of the new life…I’ve never been to one till date. J But I’m not finding interest in anything coz of this bloody headache …I just want to sleep for some time.

Done with langar….back home…now I can sleep…finally

Who’s calling my name???  Sounds familiar. It’s my colleagues who have come to c me. What’s the time? Shit…I was sleeping for so long… Good….the headache’s gone.

I should go out and see them. Yes it feels good to see old faces in new country…even if you were not so good friends you still get the feeling of being at home…unnecessarily 😉

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