Yessss… I’m so excited…for the first time in my life I’m flying and straight to different country. My first flight. I’m damn nervous and excited at the same time. Ufff…holding my breaths….it’s gonna take off…I opted for the window seat…wanna see how it looks from thousand of meters height…above the clouds…must be looking fantastic …I’ve seen in movies and in pictures…my friends have told me. It’s giving me feeling of some great achievement …why not…I’m the first one to fly so far on my own in my family and close relatives…I could see it in my parents eyes how proud they were feeling…though the eyes were filled with tears… and my sisters bidding me adieu as if I’m going to my in-laws place…haha…my bro…my sweetheart … is all ready to flaunt in front of his friends that his sis is flying to SA J…

I can see the screen …the map shows 99% path is over the sea…oh God! I’m getting goose bumps.

The flight took off and thru window I could see lights on the streets of Mumbai…the city which never sleeps…is still lighting at this time…2.30 AM…still looking so beautiful…once in a lifetime experience.

I’m not able to close my eyes…not able to sleep…I’m that excited…

9 hrs of flight…except the initial excitement and turbulence for 2-3 times…was actually boring.

My colleague and his family were waiting to receive me and my old friend had come to see me at airport… Finally I’m out of here…but having severe headache…I badly need to take some rest.

Dumped my luggage in the car…seating at the back seat…I can see the roads more closely…the one which were looking like mere single line from the flight. It’s so deserted…hardly could see any car passing by

In India you won’t find roads so deserted in day time at least…people walking around…in midst of the road and sometimes autos or bikes going over the foot path…but that’s how it looks lively …..How people live here? Gosh

It’s my first day here, and I ain’t liking it at all. I wish I could take the next flight and fly back to India. Feeling so helpless. This bloody cell phone isn’t working here. Can’t talk to anyone. Moreover dumped in a flat and have to share bed with other girl. Why was I so excited to come here? My first onsite. I was supposed to be happy. But I don’t feel the same. How I’m gonna survive here for 3 more monthsL. I’m suffocating. And on top of that this headache.

Please someone come for my rescue. But who’ll help me. Don’t even have friends here whom I can count on. I never missed my family, my friends and my country so much before L Feel like crying loudly. I can’t take it anymore. I wanna go back…right now.

Alright…let’s face the reality. I can’t at least for another 2 – 3 months even think of going back to India.

Everyone’s going to Gurudwara nearby for langar today…Good start of the new life…I’ve never been to one till date. J But I’m not finding interest in anything coz of this bloody headache …I just want to sleep for some time.

Done with langar….back home…now I can sleep…finally

Who’s calling my name???  Sounds familiar. It’s my colleagues who have come to c me. What’s the time? Shit…I was sleeping for so long… Good….the headache’s gone.

I should go out and see them. Yes it feels good to see old faces in new country…even if you were not so good friends you still get the feeling of being at home…unnecessarily 😉