I’m all set to go and face the new world. The roads are little busier today. Good to see that.

Office building is also looking good…much better than what we have at offshore. Few formalities and I got the location and PC as well…yippiieee

I’m being introduced to everyone…seems like people were waiting for me to come here…is it because they were expecting me to come or just because I’m a girl ;)( as I can’t see many feminine faces here.)

One thing I observed so far…people have this weird way of greeting each other. Every time you meet them they don’t say hi/hello they say “How are u/howz it?” and before you answer them and ask them back they disappear. And it doesn’t matter how many times you meet them in a day, every time they’ll ask you the same thing…as if you have a mood swing.

Well as they say “jaisa des waisa bhes” (literal translation…dress up yourself like the local people …now that sounds quite funny) so I have to adopt this tradition.

I’m sitting far away from the only people I know here…fortunately I got enough work to keep myself busy.

Back to home… (Or should I call it an apartment)…nothing much to do…just regular stuff…cook and eat…n sleep

Day’s are passing by… It’s been almost half a month that I’ve come here. Life in here is looking so boring…Nothing exciting yet

I’m not a homesick person but this time I’m missing all my people a lot… got the sim card but still can’t talk to my parents for long time…and it’s frustrating.

God bless the technologies… I got new mobile with Fring and WhatsApp installed in it…the cheaper way to keep in touch with my loved ones…feeling so relieved J

When you come across such technologies it looks like these are meant for poor (not only in monetary terms) software engineers like us staying miles away from their families.

After all only a software engineer can understand what other software engineers are going through. 😉