Vocalist shouting at the top of his voice, guitarist playing till he dies, loud       music…hard rock…Gosh so noisy. How can people listen to such kind of music? Can   you even call it as music? I listened to many live bands performing Rock…I could see people enjoying it, banging their heads…and I used to sit with absolutely no expressions on my face.

Music is something which gives you peace of mind, which makes you dance and forget rest of the world.  Music is soulful, music is refreshing. This was my definition of Music until I met a person who made me listen to Rock forcefully. I had no option coz I can’t close my ears…I wish I could. He used to keep telling me once you listen to rock and understand the lyrics you’ll love it and I used to argue with him that rock is not my cup of tea and you can’t forcefully make someone to like something which is not his/her kind.

Ya the tune is good but I can’t handle the loudness and noise. But after listening to it almost every day I got used to of this noise. Then I put some efforts to download lyrics and understand the meaning and then I realised why they are screaming, why they are so restless and now I agree with my friend (not totally though).

Till now the bands like Linkin’ Park, Coldplay, 3 doors down were nothing but a group of psychos for me…now they are in my list of favourites and the songs are in my iPod. Now this noise has become music to my ears. Now I can go to Hard Rock Cafe and actually enjoy it along with other people J