Almost 3 years back…I was released from my project…sitting idle after working so hard  is not a good thing and that too in the recession…really dangerous. I badly needed some project and badly needed some change too. I thought shifting to Pune would be good idea. It’s not far from Mumbai so I can meet my family over the weekends and also can enjoy some freedom. But I’ll be going away from my family for the first time and somewhere I wasn’t so happy about it…and for this reason I didn’t put efforts to get transfer as I also could see no chances of it. I was in dilemma and that’s when I heard about this enchanting book…The Secret.

It’s hard to believe but the day when I issued this book from our office library I got a call from Pune office for the new project…it was surprising for me…I thought it’s mere coincident but later on there had been many incidents which made me believe and have faith in whatever The Secret says.

The Secret is all about your will power and the power of your thoughts…so it’s simple and easy to apply. You need nothing but the power within you to achieve whatever you want, no matter how big it is and how impossible it seems to be. It has no age barrier, it doesn’t favour anyone.

I used it several times and it worked for me. Whenever I feel lost, whenever I feel everything is going wrong I just grab it and start reading again and it gives me the positivity which helps me come out of any damn situation. I always carry it with me wherever I go.

The Secret has a power to change a single life and thus the whole nation. Imagine if all of us start using The Secret for betterment of our lives and eventually the whole world!

Being happy is the key for everything…it’s The Secret…

May the joy be with you.