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January 2012


         Leaving any place or a person is very hard for me. Being very emotional person I get tears in my eyes easily on such occasions. This time I controlled myself. My friend asked me if I get emotional on farewells. I do but didn’t want to show it. I was coming back to India after 3 months but total of 6 months stay in SA. I have no clue when I’ll be flying back to SA. I visited almost all top tourists destinations in South Africa, had lotsa fun with my friends, found mentor, guide and family in some of my colleagues. Overall I had rocking time. Though I was coming back to my family and my country; leaving such a nice place and nice people was making me feel sad.

         Even though I didn’t get tears in my eyes my heart was crying for sure. It’s been just a day but I’m already missing everything; the people, the place. I feel a void. Change is inevitable in life and I believe it’s always for good but accepting it is a difficult task. Till now I’ve experienced so many changes in my life that sometimes I feel like shouting at life and tell her that it’s enough. But then if there’s no change life will become boring. When I came to SA it was difficult for me to get adjusted with the environment and now when I’m back to India it’s equally difficult to live without it.


I found a heart

            Chocolates are my favourite or you can say they are my melting point (my heart melts with just a sight of it). I always keep one with me as I crave for it anytimeJ. I got a pack of tumble in my office drawer so that I can have it while working on codes and reduce the stress. Yesterday while munching one I found a heart shaped tumble. What a lovely treat !

           Here’s my chocolate heart

The girl I met

          I’m a coastal girl but surprisingly beaches do not attract me much. On our trip to Cape Town my friends were eager to jump into the water. On our last day we decided to get wet and have some fun. Me too went ahead but didn’t find any interest plus the salty water was annoying me. I just turned back and sat on a rock.

          Sitting on the rock and observing every wave touching my feet I lost in my thoughts. I don’t know for how long I was in that state but suddenly a soft voice woke me up “I too like Tinkerbell”. I looked back; she was looking so excited seeing my tattoo. “Is that permanent tattoo?” she asked me. I got surprised how come such a little girl knows about tattoo and all. She sat beside me and we started discussing about my tattoo. She wanted to have one and got disappointed when I told her that she can only get tattooed when she’ll be of my age.”Oh! That’s so far. I’m just 8 now”. She looked even cuter.

          She asked me so many questions; about my hobbies my place my friends and I kept answering them all. I like kids but when they start asking lotsa questions I get irritated easily but this time I was keen to know what’s in her mind. Coincidently we shared lot many common interests right from the dance to not swimming in the ocean :). When I asked her why she isn’t swimming she replied innocently “you never know what’s there inside.” Even I get this thought.

         My friends were enjoying swimming in the ocean and I was enjoying company of 8 years old girl. I didn’t feel the age difference. I don’t know her name neither I remember where she belongs to but I’ll surely remember the chat we had and her cute face. And maybe she’ll remember my tattoo. So this post is dedicated to her for a sweet memory.

Face Fear

                I’ve never been into adventure sports before, maybe because I never got any opportunity or maybe I never tried for one as I never felt that urge from within. But this time I decided to go for it. It was going to be a lifetime experience and a push to do more of its kind. One of my friends was doubtful that I’ll do it… as I never even tried the steepest ride in any water park…even though I can swim I was afraid to go in the deeper portion of the pool…. He suggested that I should not book it in advance… what if I change my mind? But I insisted (at least looking at the amount I’m spending for it I might just jump without second thoughtJ)

             We made booking with Face Adrenalin Sports for four of us for the world’s highest bungy jumping point (as of 2007) – “Bloukrans Bridge”. While checking out pics on their internet site I could feel my hands and legs going numb. 216 meters, 22 sec and one jump. Lifetime experience or life ending? When I discussed with my colleagues about my bungy jumping they narrated me the recent mishap with a lady. She was doing bungy jumping at Victoria falls, Zambia. Unfortunately the rope broke and she fell down in a river which was full of crocodiles. Her legs were tied up but still she managed to swim to the riverbank avoiding any crocodile and survived. It wasn’t any story, it was real incident but I had made my mind and kept motivating myself for the jump.

(Read more :

             I don’t like to hide things from my parents but this one…I didn’t inform them as I didn’t want them to worry about me.

            It was the “D” day. I wore a text-t which says “my problems can’t pull me down, I’m bigger than them”. The jump wasn’t actually a problem but I thought the message will give me some strengthJ. We reached the bridge and registered ourselves. After reaching there we came to know that it’s not world’s highest bungy jumping point anymore, we were little disappointed but still excited for it. Wearing the harness I was getting feeling as if I was going on some mission. The supervisor explained us the rules, and we headed towards the point from where we would be jumping. There was a metal trail to reach to the point of jump and while walking over it we could look down and see the storm river flow. Looking down from this height I wasn’t able to step ahead. My heart was pounding fast. Finally we reached our destination. They were playing dance tracks…all my favorites…which helped in lighten the atmosphere and lower the tension.


      The order for jump was decided and fortunately I was the last one in the list. I had an opportunity to see everyone jumping and get their experience. Some people were really excited and some were really frightened. Keeping my cool I went ahead smiling. But when I was standing on the edge just before the jump I wanted to quit. I almost skipped a heartbeat. I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen but then on the count of 1, 2 3, 4, bungy I let myself free and jumped down. 

For few seconds I couldn’t realise what was happening. The free fall was terrific and amazing too. For couple of time I was swinging up and down and then hanging upside down. While hanging down I felt the rope is slipping and I may fall down. I kept telling myself that I’m fine to avoid the panic state and then I started enjoying the view that I didn’t realise when the guy came to rescue me. I wish I could hang there for some more timeJ.

            While coming up I had a big smile on my face and feeling of some achievement. There wasn’t a fear in my heart anymore. I had faced the fear; I had faced the adrenalin. The trail over which I was afraid to walk wasn’t scary anymore. I could easily look down and walk over it.

It’s a sleepy sleepy day

        6 AM…The mobile alarm rang. Normally I get up with the first beep of the alarm but today I was too sleepy to even stop it. I looked outside my window; it was such a pleasant morning. Felt like stepping out in balcony with a cup of coffee but again too sleepy for that. Once I thought I should take an off from work. Slept for some more time.

          9 AM…I finally reached office. I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open, same with my friendsJ. Thought a cup of coffee would help me out but no use, I was still feeling very sleepy. Had my afternoon meal…lotsa rice which added into my sleepy condition. Went out with my friends for some work and observed very funny thing. The car mechanic who helped us to find a garage we were looking for slept while showing us the directions. A kid coming back from school with his mom slept on her shoulder. We wondered why everyone is so sleepy today. You only see what you wanna see. I was damn sleepy that I could only see people who were in the same condition.

         It’s really a sleepy sleepy day.

We played with snow *

            Yesterday my friend, Ameya, got a task to defrost the fridge which was almost full of ice. He took out plenty of it. He’s little too excited about such things and suggested that we should see who can keep his/her hand inside ice the longest. Oh god! It was not an easy task. For once I felt that my nerves are gonna blast. I tried and did quite well but then my hand was numb for some time. Then out of nowhere he got this idea of playing with snow. We immediately agreed upon and started throwing snow on each other and in no time there was ice all over the place. It was very stupid and childish but we enjoyed a lot. For some time we relived our childhood and believe me it was kind of recreational activity.

             We all should keep our inner child alive and let it come out sometimes and enjoy. It will surely release all stress and make you feel fresh and energized.

To all the girl-friends…

             I’m tired of being hated without reason, I’m tired of explaining myself and I’m hell tired of compromising on my friendship of many years. Being a girl I can understand that you can be possessive about your boyfriend, you do not like to share him with any damn person on this earth especially any other girl but doing so you are only suffocating him.

           He can have another girl in his life as his best friend, a helpful colleague, a mentor for guiding him but you don’t need to hate her for that only reason or just be jealous. 

           If you feel so you indirectly doubt on your boyfriend, you doubt on your relationship and most importantly you are killing beautiful relationship like friendship which might be older than the one you have with your boyfriend.

        It’s so unfair on her part to be hated by someone with no reason, someone who’s so special in her best friend’s life. She knows that with your arrival her importance in her friend’s life won’t be the same but she isn’t jealous.  You demand on cutting down calls, your don’t like when he talks about her, you don’t want her to attend function when he’s around, you don’t want him to go with her anywhere, all the things which they used to do since childhood. 

         You are making them feel guilty without any mistake.

           She can be your friend too if not the best one.  Giving personal space and accepting people in each other’s life will only help you in strengthening your relationship than imagining her as a villainess in your love story. 

New start in New Year

          Any girl would love to be loved and pampered, would like to get noticed, be young and beautiful, I‘m not an exception but I hardly do anything about it. I’m too lazy to continue anything; even my New Year resolution stands incomplete. I tried it couple of times and failed every time. But this year should be different.

         I have decided to pay enough attention to myself and my body. Out of 24 hrs of day I can surely take out 30 min to 1 hr for myself. Instead of cribbing about how the changed weather, polluted air and hard water spoiling my hair and the burning sun tanning my skin and taking away my original complexion I should work on it to get it back. The more you crib the more you attract negativity into your life. So no more cribbing just healthy lifestyle which will help me get back what I lost over the period; shouldn’t be impossible!

       Healthy lifestyle includes healthy food, some exercise, little bit of self pampering and peace of mind (which I already got after shifting to new apartment). I’ve decided to work out every day, swimming on the alternate days and on other days some Zumba or jogging. Cut down on junk food, add more vegetables, salads, curd and fruits in every day meal. The crucial part will be to take care of my skin and hair which I have ignored for long. Need to do something to get rid of tan and apply eggs or Shikekai (an Indian herb) on my hair to regain their quality and shine.

         I hope I’ll stick to this lifestyle. Drop in your tips or suggestions if you have any to make it better or just keep me motivated.

An art of Cooking

         Few years back for me cooking was a married woman’s responsibility. In our society we prefer to cook for our family than to hire a cook. My mom is a housewife and I have two elder sisters. Being the younger one I never felt the need to step into kitchen except for feeling my tummy, but that was until my sisters got married. Even then I hardly used to cook anything.

       When I moved to Pune that was the first time when I actually started dealing with bits and pieces of this world; right from grocery shopping to cooking basic dishes; everything for the first time. We prefer vegetarian food and since my cooking list was limited I used to be in trouble deciding everyday’s menu. I really admire my mom for the pain she took every day to cook different dishes, taking so many efforts to ensure that the taste just gets better to best each day. Tough Job Mom…Love you for that!!!  J

       My mom is an excellent cook and is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to cooking. She can cook number of dishes including different desserts for ‘n’ no of people on her own and she doesn’t like anyone to interfere in kitchen when she’s cooking. That was one of the reasons which restrained me from it.

       Staying away from family taught me many things including cooking (at least some basic dishes). But still there wasn’t an interest. It was still a task for me. The real interest came when I came to SA. The whole kitchen under my control as my roommate used to hardly cook. Our kitchen was fully equipped which added into my interest.

      With so much of enthusiasm I started trying different dishes, some traditionally Indian, some snacks items and some bakery stuffs. I was so happy about myself and feeling proud that wanted to share with my friends who had always been guinea pigs for my experiments (But I never let them down) I experienced a mere joy of giving and feeding others. I was surprised with my new avatar. Wasn’t sure whether it was because I entered into that stage or simply coz I achieved something.

      In Hinduism, a lady in family is considered as “Annapurna”, the goddess of food. Traditionally a woman used to look after her family and man used to earn for the family. Nowadays even women go out, explore the world, and do everything which men can do but still in many families woman prefer to cook; not only because their families demand it but it‘s a part of their nature or a ladyhood.

     I learnt that with age your interests change. May be I’m in the stage where cooking interests me and more than that cooking and feeding others gives me immense pleasure. Now I realised that cooking is not just for feeling your stomach; it’s a pleasure to your eyes the way it is presented, to your senses the way it smells and to your taste buds the way it tastes. It’s an art which gives happiness and pleasure to everyone.

       Sharing pics of some of my experiments, mom would be proud to see them J

Chiwda - Traditional Indian Diwali Snack


Rotis - finally i got them in right shape and all in same size


Chocolate Muffins - Tried for the first time


Mug Cake with Ice-cream - an instant dessert

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