As a proud Indian I know many things about India, history, discoveries, inventions, spiritual and many more. And had little idea about how rest of the world looks at us. But my belief shattered when I actually interacted with people who have never been to this wonderful country.

When anyone hears about India they first visualize it as a poor developing country with some religious and spiritual values. Yes it’s true to some extend but it’s not all.

They are surprised when I tell them that we do get maid for doing almost every household work, they find it funny when I tell them that Indian girls can dance on any kind of music not only going around the trees. They are amazed seeing me in western cloths, especially skirts. They can’t believe that I have tattoo though I’m an Indian. They compliment me for my good English. But all these things surprise me more as I don’t find them unusual and feel bad when people of Indian origin have no clue where they have originated from.

Every coin has 2 sides. My country is poor but my countrymen are not. We are spiritual, religious but at the same time we launch rockets to moon. We follow customs and culture but we have freedom to wear what we are comfortable in. English is not our mother tongue but we do have good command over it. We celebrate Diwali and with same enthusiasm we celebrate New Year. We worship our Gods but we are also good in technologies (and that’s the reason why so many countries outsource their IT business to India). We have capability to host commonwealth games and now Formula one race.

  We not only have diversity in religions, cultures, food but we also have natural diversity. We have virgin beaches at Kankan, snowfall in Himachal and widespread desert in Rajasthan. We have historical monuments in Khajuraho and silicon valley in Bangalore. Pune is Oxford of east. One of the seven wonders – Taj in Agra and multibillion film industry (Bollywood) in Mumbai. The management gurus – the Mumbai Dubbawalas aren’t from any university but mere a group of common men.

There’s much to talk about and much more to explore about this country. The more you know the more you fall in love with it. I’ve seen many people enchanted with its charisma, but a lot are still ignorant.