This year for the first time I celebrated my new year with new sets of friends in new country. When I landed here I found it difficult to adjust with new people, new culture. But as the days passed I got used to of it and now I like this place.

  I always wished to see Christmas celebration in countries other than India and this year I was lucky to experience it; same for the New Year.

  I have always celebrated my New Year with my school friends but this time it wasn’t possible. I was little upset that I missed it but then I must confess that I had good time partying with my new friends.

  It’s rightly said that the place really doesn’t matter, what matters is the company. The best place can look miserable if you don’t have good company, at the same time you can turn any boring place in happening one if you have your gang. You don’t need to go to a best pub in town to enjoy with your old friends, you don’t need to always have candle light dinner to spend quality time with your partner, you just need the best person with you and he/she will make those moments worth living for you.