Few years back for me cooking was a married woman’s responsibility. In our society we prefer to cook for our family than to hire a cook. My mom is a housewife and I have two elder sisters. Being the younger one I never felt the need to step into kitchen except for feeling my tummy, but that was until my sisters got married. Even then I hardly used to cook anything.

       When I moved to Pune that was the first time when I actually started dealing with bits and pieces of this world; right from grocery shopping to cooking basic dishes; everything for the first time. We prefer vegetarian food and since my cooking list was limited I used to be in trouble deciding everyday’s menu. I really admire my mom for the pain she took every day to cook different dishes, taking so many efforts to ensure that the taste just gets better to best each day. Tough Job Mom…Love you for that!!!  J

       My mom is an excellent cook and is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to cooking. She can cook number of dishes including different desserts for ‘n’ no of people on her own and she doesn’t like anyone to interfere in kitchen when she’s cooking. That was one of the reasons which restrained me from it.

       Staying away from family taught me many things including cooking (at least some basic dishes). But still there wasn’t an interest. It was still a task for me. The real interest came when I came to SA. The whole kitchen under my control as my roommate used to hardly cook. Our kitchen was fully equipped which added into my interest.

      With so much of enthusiasm I started trying different dishes, some traditionally Indian, some snacks items and some bakery stuffs. I was so happy about myself and feeling proud that wanted to share with my friends who had always been guinea pigs for my experiments (But I never let them down) I experienced a mere joy of giving and feeding others. I was surprised with my new avatar. Wasn’t sure whether it was because I entered into that stage or simply coz I achieved something.

      In Hinduism, a lady in family is considered as “Annapurna”, the goddess of food. Traditionally a woman used to look after her family and man used to earn for the family. Nowadays even women go out, explore the world, and do everything which men can do but still in many families woman prefer to cook; not only because their families demand it but it‘s a part of their nature or a ladyhood.

     I learnt that with age your interests change. May be I’m in the stage where cooking interests me and more than that cooking and feeding others gives me immense pleasure. Now I realised that cooking is not just for feeling your stomach; it’s a pleasure to your eyes the way it is presented, to your senses the way it smells and to your taste buds the way it tastes. It’s an art which gives happiness and pleasure to everyone.

       Sharing pics of some of my experiments, mom would be proud to see them J

Chiwda - Traditional Indian Diwali Snack


Rotis - finally i got them in right shape and all in same size


Chocolate Muffins - Tried for the first time


Mug Cake with Ice-cream - an instant dessert