I’m tired of being hated without reason, I’m tired of explaining myself and I’m hell tired of compromising on my friendship of many years. Being a girl I can understand that you can be possessive about your boyfriend, you do not like to share him with any damn person on this earth especially any other girl but doing so you are only suffocating him.

           He can have another girl in his life as his best friend, a helpful colleague, a mentor for guiding him but you don’t need to hate her for that only reason or just be jealous. 

           If you feel so you indirectly doubt on your boyfriend, you doubt on your relationship and most importantly you are killing beautiful relationship like friendship which might be older than the one you have with your boyfriend.

        It’s so unfair on her part to be hated by someone with no reason, someone who’s so special in her best friend’s life. She knows that with your arrival her importance in her friend’s life won’t be the same but she isn’t jealous.  You demand on cutting down calls, your don’t like when he talks about her, you don’t want her to attend function when he’s around, you don’t want him to go with her anywhere, all the things which they used to do since childhood. 

         You are making them feel guilty without any mistake.

           She can be your friend too if not the best one.  Giving personal space and accepting people in each other’s life will only help you in strengthening your relationship than imagining her as a villainess in your love story.