6 AM…The mobile alarm rang. Normally I get up with the first beep of the alarm but today I was too sleepy to even stop it. I looked outside my window; it was such a pleasant morning. Felt like stepping out in balcony with a cup of coffee but again too sleepy for that. Once I thought I should take an off from work. Slept for some more time.

          9 AM…I finally reached office. I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open, same with my friendsJ. Thought a cup of coffee would help me out but no use, I was still feeling very sleepy. Had my afternoon meal…lotsa rice which added into my sleepy condition. Went out with my friends for some work and observed very funny thing. The car mechanic who helped us to find a garage we were looking for slept while showing us the directions. A kid coming back from school with his mom slept on her shoulder. We wondered why everyone is so sleepy today. You only see what you wanna see. I was damn sleepy that I could only see people who were in the same condition.

         It’s really a sleepy sleepy day.