I’m a coastal girl but surprisingly beaches do not attract me much. On our trip to Cape Town my friends were eager to jump into the water. On our last day we decided to get wet and have some fun. Me too went ahead but didn’t find any interest plus the salty water was annoying me. I just turned back and sat on a rock.

          Sitting on the rock and observing every wave touching my feet I lost in my thoughts. I don’t know for how long I was in that state but suddenly a soft voice woke me up “I too like Tinkerbell”. I looked back; she was looking so excited seeing my tattoo. “Is that permanent tattoo?” she asked me. I got surprised how come such a little girl knows about tattoo and all. She sat beside me and we started discussing about my tattoo. She wanted to have one and got disappointed when I told her that she can only get tattooed when she’ll be of my age.”Oh! That’s so far. I’m just 8 now”. She looked even cuter.

          She asked me so many questions; about my hobbies my place my friends and I kept answering them all. I like kids but when they start asking lotsa questions I get irritated easily but this time I was keen to know what’s in her mind. Coincidently we shared lot many common interests right from the dance to not swimming in the ocean :). When I asked her why she isn’t swimming she replied innocently “you never know what’s there inside.” Even I get this thought.

         My friends were enjoying swimming in the ocean and I was enjoying company of 8 years old girl. I didn’t feel the age difference. I don’t know her name neither I remember where she belongs to but I’ll surely remember the chat we had and her cute face. And maybe she’ll remember my tattoo. So this post is dedicated to her for a sweet memory.