Leaving any place or a person is very hard for me. Being very emotional person I get tears in my eyes easily on such occasions. This time I controlled myself. My friend asked me if I get emotional on farewells. I do but didn’t want to show it. I was coming back to India after 3 months but total of 6 months stay in SA. I have no clue when I’ll be flying back to SA. I visited almost all top tourists destinations in South Africa, had lotsa fun with my friends, found mentor, guide and family in some of my colleagues. Overall I had rocking time. Though I was coming back to my family and my country; leaving such a nice place and nice people was making me feel sad.

         Even though I didn’t get tears in my eyes my heart was crying for sure. It’s been just a day but I’m already missing everything; the people, the place. I feel a void. Change is inevitable in life and I believe it’s always for good but accepting it is a difficult task. Till now I’ve experienced so many changes in my life that sometimes I feel like shouting at life and tell her that it’s enough. But then if there’s no change life will become boring. When I came to SA it was difficult for me to get adjusted with the environment and now when I’m back to India it’s equally difficult to live without it.