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February 2012

Like there’s no tomorrow!

Since last few days I’m getting these thoughts in my mind.

I wanna do what my heart says and what I feel. Break the rules, go out of the way, do all those stupid and crazy things which I wanted to do but didn’t do thinking about people and society. Explore places, go trekking, go shopping (not that I have never done it but restricted myself to some extend).

 Do all the mischief which I missed in my childhood. Bunk office, watch movie alone in theater, pack bag and go out to explore the city all alone with no specific destination, make my own path, stop and click pictures. Get to know strangers, make new friends, sing loudly in my room, dance as if no one’s watching :), and eat whatever I’m craving for(anyways I never cared about gaining weight and maybe that’s why I never gained too much weight :)).

Sleep until next morning or stay awake, I’ll do what my heart will say :). (Oh! That’s a rhyme…now I should try my hands on it ;)). Jump off the wall, run on the road, do whatever I feel at that moment. I’m putting “don’t care” condition to each moment now. I don’t wanna regret few years down the line and curse myself for not making most of what I had and what I could get.

 I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow. I wanna live each moment; I wanna live life to the fullest.


Believe in a Happier Tomorrow!

Gone are the days when advertisements were only meant for marketing and to increase sell. Nowadays advertisements are going beyond the product sells. They are touching people with the emotions involved and the message given with every commercial.

Be it the instrumental of Airtel India, the relationship between a pug and his master in Hutchison (now Vodafon) or the naughty ZooZoos 🙂 of Vodafon. When the commercials are made in such a way they are no longer disturbance in daily soaps but are most welcome and loved by every member of family. They are not only liked but remembered for lifetime.

I happen to watch one such commercial today and surely everyone would like it.

The commercial starts with simple statistics which they claim to be real.

For a tank build in the world 1,31,000 stuffed toys are made.

For a fence someone puts up 15,00,000 “Welcome” mats are placed.

While there are some ignoring the environment 30,00,000 trees are being planted every day.

For every grown-up who can’t write his name there are 15 kids who can read a fairy tale.

LOVE has more hits than FEAR.

While someone believe we are nearing the end there are 50,00,000 people sending New Year wishes.

While some fights over pretty issues millions share coca-cola every day.

Such a beautiful thought, I personally believe in being positive for the time to come. People say that world’s gonna end in 2012, Global warming is hitting mother earth; they see the darker side but I want to see the brighter one. It doesn’t mean that we should not be caring about each other and the environment but with positivity and love in heart.

They say “what you sow is what you reap”

Let’s sow happiness, love, hope and the tomorrow will surely be happier.

An unusual story

I boarded bus from Borivli, same time same place. It’s been 4 years I’m travelling on this route at least once a month. I’m so used to of it that I know precisely all the stops and the time and everything.

Today isn’t looking different. The bus coordinator showed me the seat. I settled down. Took out my iPod and started listening to songs. Didn’t realize when I fell asleep. “Excuse me” he said trying to wake me up. I gave him a sarcastic look. I really hate when anyone wakes me up from sound sleep. He did that mistake. But the smile on his face brought down my anger to zero. I made a way for him. He sat beside me. He must be 5’10”, an average looking guy, must be in his 25-26 but he had a smile which can make you forget rest of the world. At least it made me forget the world around me.

Now there was no point in sleeping again; I thought. I became more cautious about every move of mine. I was surely got attracted towards him.

This time the journey was surely going to be interesting.

It seemed like he was travelling to Pune for the first time. He asked me couple of questions and I whole heartedly helped him 😉 .

The bus reached Vashi. By now we almost exchanged the basic information about each other. He too was a software engineer like me. He was going to be in Pune for a week for some official work. I told him about my experience of staying in Pune for 4 years, the places I had visited and the places he should see.

The bus halted at Lonavala for refreshment. We ordered some snacks and tea. I somewhere wanted him to ask me for company to explore Pune but then roaming around with a stranger doesn’t fit in my ethics. The more I knew about him more I was getting attracted towards him.

This 5 hours journey was really boring until today. Today I didn’t want it to end. The whole time we were chit-chatting that I didn’t realize when the bus reached Aundh, and now it was time for me to say good-bye. I lifted my bag and started moving when I heard someone calling my name. I knew it was him. I turned back with a hope that he may ask for my number. He wanted to say something; I could see that in his eyes. I was eager to listen to him. He came closer to my ears, leaned down and said those words which took my breath away. I took out my wallet and handed over Rs. 20 note, my share for the snacks.

NOTE: This is purely a fictional story unlike my all posts on this blog which speak about my experience.

Amature Captures

After sharing my experiences I would like to share here few moments which I captured while exploring places or exploring the new in the old.

I hope you would like my experiments just as you liked my experiences.

Is fair only lovely?

I’ve been watching these commercials for many years now. A dark girl with no confidence (just because of her complexion) sitting in a dark room with no life. Her friend suggests her new fairness cream in market and within 4-6 weeks (as claimed by the product company) our dark girl becomes 3-4 shades lighter (which is first of all not possible) and with that she gains so much confidence that she becomes a supermodel overnight.

What the heck! What are you people trying to prove? Being fair is the only criteria to become famous or is the key to success? Fairness brings confidence and the limelight? You want to sell your product but look what kind of mentality you are giving to this society and the young girls who want to achieve something.

 If this is true then Sushmita Sen wouldn’t have been Miss Universe, Bipasha wouldn’t have been considered sexy actress, Nandita Das wouldn’t have been a sensible actress, Naomi wouldn’t have been supermodel, Rihanna and JeLo wouldn’t have been rocking this world. Oprah wouldn’t have been one of the most influential people in the world.  These are very few names in the list of dark and successful girls in this world.

It is sad that in our society (India) fairer is still better. Though the scenario is changing now; but not completely. You cannot judge any person with his/her complexion. What you want to achieve? You want fair bride for your son just to flaunt in the society. Even fair girls shouldn’t be happy with this fact as you are being put as a show piece in front of all the relatives and nothing more.

A person looks more attractive not because of his/her complexion but the attitude with which he/she walks into the society. The smartness and the confidence. The intelligence and the work.

My mama said life would be so hard
Growing up days as a black girl scarred
In so many ways though we’ve come so far
They just know the name they don’t know the pain
So please hold your heads up high
Don’t be ashamed of yourself know I
Will carry it forth till the day I die
They just know the name they don’t know the pain black girl

So my dear dark ladies, if at all you are feeling low just because you have dark complexion start believing in yourself. If at all you are using those fairness creams throw them in a dust been and show these mindless people that you don’t give a damn, you have got much more to become what you want to be. Get some pride and slap on their faces who think being fair is everything. There’s nothing wrong in trying to get flawless complexion but going mad over fairness is mere insulting yourself.

Remember, if fair is lovely then dark is beautiful.

My Bucket List

I have been reading my fellow bloggers’ posts about their bucket list. And today at breakfast time when I was discussing with my colleagues about my plans to explore some places and some new things I thought it’s a high time that I should prepare a bucket list of my own.

Born and brought up in Mumbai city but I hardly have explored it. And that’s kind of shameful thing according to my friends from other cities who have seen more of Mumbai than me. Sop Exploring my own city, “Mumbai” is gonna be on top of my list.

I have already expressed my wish to taste the Indian cousins and other delicacies in my earlier post. I also need to plan out something to stay fit and look better as described in my New Year post. And I have some crazy thing to try out too.

So here’s my bucket list:

  1. Explore Mumbai
  2. Taste varieties of delicacies
  3. Cook new dishes.
  4. Practice Yoga everyday
  5. Sky diving
  6. Whale watching
  7. Helicopter tour
  8. Trekking
  9. Camping
  10. Watch a movie in theater without any friends.
  11. Visit at least one place in every state in India.
  12. Paragliding and parasailing
  13. River rafting
  14. Learn driving a car.
  15. Get a ride of Harley Davidson bike.
  16. Spend quality time with my family and friends.
  17. Buy SLR (specially for my blogs as I want to post pics clicked by me than downloading from internet)
  18. Take care of my skin and hair. No matter if I’ll have to visit parlor more frequently 😉
  19. Get new haircut.
  20. Gift mom-dad a tour to South Africa (if I’ll be there) or some other country.
  21. Sing in karaoke.
  22. Wish to see live street dance.
  23. Attend music concert.
  24. Watch live international cricket match in stadium. (Though I’m not a cricket fan but just to try something new)
  25. Learn at least one new language.
  26. Try some part time job or business.
  27. Attend Kala Ghoda art festival next time. (This art festival happens in Mumbai at Kala Ghoda every year and this year it just ended few days back…my bad luck)
  28. Get portfolio done(for my own sake 🙂 )
  29. Add some cool stuff in my wardrobe.
  30. Write more versatile blogs (so that I can get versatile blogger award and more…lol)
  31. And last but not the least, get more than 1000 followers for my blog 🙂

Googling around !

Just by the name you must have guessed what this post is all about…”Google”. Be it a doctor, or engineer, a student or a house-wife, those who use internet must have at least once Googled something. We are so used to of it that we think there’s nothing that Google can’t find for us.

Right from the pubs and restaurants nearby to the Java or .Net code whenever or wherever we stuck and need help we simply Google it.

Personally I felt its importance when I was in SA and planning out those fantastic trips with my friends. Accommodation details, places to visit, booking details, and car hire…you name it and Google finds it for you. Seriously, Google made our planning so easy and time saving that we had nothing to worry about and just enjoy the trip, as most of the things we booked in advanced.

My friends thanked me for ultimate planning but I’ll give credit to Google and thus the internet. Google search have made our lives easy; with just one click we get the information we are looking for. With its advanced features we can do more, like Google map gives us satellite and map view of the place we are searching also we can drag that tiny little man on the map and travel on the roads as if we are actually there, Google images provides you pictures (even for my blogs I search pictures on Google),  Google translator translates those secret signs for you and it keeps you well aware with the world around you with Google news.

Apart from the usefulness of Google what I love most is much creative Google Doodles. For every occasion there’s doodle and nowadays it has become more interactive with motion pictures and sound tracks. There’s no limit to technology and in days to come I’m sure Google will come up with some more cool stuffs to add into our laziness…lol.

How about image search! Google team, are you listening?

The False Creativity!

     I saw this pic on Facebook and I couldn’t stop laughing. My friends and I were discussing on the same topic the other day over coffee.

Nowadays you can find people sharing their creativity on Facebook or the similar social networking sites. Some are truly amazing but 90% of them are just playing with their expensive cameras.

Some of my friends have these DSLRs so I got an opportunity to explore them. I noticed the basic difference between an ordinary Digicam and a DSLR. If you take a simple picture of a simple object it comes out nicer and better with DSLR. And if you’re technically sound and explore the functionalities you can get even better pictures. On top of it people edit pics on Picasa or the similar editor adding more effects and the result is amazing.

So where’s the creativity? I believe the creativity lies in the view. What object are you using? What’s your thought behind capturing that shot? In which angle you are clicking the picture? The creativity lies in these questions.

Yes you need to edit pictures even if you are a good photographer. But mere changing the color and texture doesn’t put you in the list of photographers. Now someone would reply saying it’s just my hobby but then you are the only one claiming for the title. Isn’t it ironic?

Well I’m not here to raise question on someone’s ability but I believe I have rights to express my view especially when people are flooding my wall with their so called “creativity”.

What Life Says!

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living”

–           Anais Nin

I happen to read this line today when I posted my 30th blog. I still remember the day when I created my account on Tumblr and was struggling for the name. My mind was wandering around the word “Life” coz that’s what I was going to write about. I tried many options but they were already taken by someone or the other. I settled down with “WhatLifeSays”.

I drafted my first few posts when I was sitting in office and getting bored with regular work. The emotions flooded and I made way for them on MS word doc. I wrote about my first flight experience and my initial days in South Africa. I wasn’t sure how good they were so I posted one on Facebook. I received appreciations from my friends and I thought to give it a try. That’s how the blogger inside me was born.

I tried to write in my leisure time at home but somehow I couldn’t collect the words. Most of the time while working in office; I used to find topics for my posts. That’s the reason the above line caught my attention as if it was written for me.

When I was a kid my dad used to hold my hand and practiced me of writing. I used to struggle but he never gave up. Today I’m writing and I’m writing down my thoughts and not the words by others. Yes, I’m not a great writer but I write about my life. Some relate to it, some find it interesting, some just pass by.

In the midst of living you live so many moments, each moment tells you a story. Some ignore it some keep in their mind but I chose to listen to every moment and share it with all. I chose to listen to “ What Life Says”.

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