In school days I had come across a peom called “gypsy”. It described the life of Gypsies. I wondered how they must be leaving. From chilhood you learn about the basic needs of man, one of them is shelter; but the gypsies do not have one for sure.

Everyone wants to settle in his/her life. Have good partner, family, home and good amount of money. Even I wanted to settle down in life. For last few months I feel I’m leaving a life of Gypsy, carrying my bags on shoulder and wandering around.

When I shifted to pune though I was away from my family I found one in my roomies and my friends. I was almost settled. Then I flew to SA. Everything was going well but just in last 2 months I had to shift to new apartment. I never cooked in my kitchen thereafter. Dont know how many nights I slept without food. Now I’m back in Pune but don’t have my own apartment.

Since I’m here for just 2 months I can’t settle down. I haven’t unpacked my bags yet, never know when I’ll have to shitf somewhere else. So just like Gypsies I’ve stopped worrying about my shelter. Just passing days as they come. Now I’m least worried about cooking; have enough money to buy food. But somewhere in my mind I do want to organize my life and get peace. I hope I’ll get it soon.