In my initial days I faced lotsa problems in searching flat for myself. I had a friend who helped me throughout but frustration was building up day by day. I never thought I would stay in PG but I had no choice. I wouldn’t have mind staying in PG but the owner wasn’t cooperative. So the search continued. I found a place nearby my office…Stayed there for 3-4 months but due to restrictions I left that too.

        Who would want to live with so many restrictions and that too from third person who’s not even your relative? My rebel nature forced me to leave that place and I landed in Mont Vert Pristine in Khadki. It was like my dream society. It was huge with two phases and spacious apartments. I was happy that I found accommodation there. Initially the girls with whom I shared this apartment were used to be in their own world. No doubt they were good in nature but never had that homely feel.

     When you rent a house and share with other bachelors your room mates keep changing as someone has to leave and new people come in their place.

     Before I flew to SA we were four sharing the apartment; Leena, Anjani, Chetna and me. We stayed together almost for a year and this one year we established a bond of love, trust and friendship which we are still carrying with ourselves.

    Finally I found home away from home. We lived with mutual understanding. It was obvious to have some clashes but they were temporary. We cooked for each other, took care in illness, pampered, celebrated birthdays and festivals, cleaned apartment when maid was on leave and also carried out rituals for Leena just like her sister would do when she was supposed to get married.

    We experienced void after Leena left and so when I left the flat as I still get calls from them saying that they miss me.

     After Leena left we found many new roommates but couldn’t find that bond. Even in my stay in SA I couldn’t find it. When I see other girls sharing an apartment I strongly miss my sweet roomies but I can’t see the same bonding between them and I feel glad that we have one.

      I wish to relive those moments not for year but at least for a day.