So here I am back to my land after six long months. Oh I’ve been missing it for many reasons, the good and the bad; right from the morning to the night. I missed the crowd here, I missed the life, I missed the rides on bike and I missed roaming at night. But above all (except for missing my people) I missed the ultimate, mouth watering food. Some people don’t like it much for the amount of spices and oil used but that’s what I had for almost 26 years. It’s running in my veins with blood. I always preferred “Ma ke hath ka khana” (homemade food cooked by mom) right from school days to even when I started working. And that’ the reason even if I go to restaurants I prefer eating Indian cuisines.

         Indian cuisines have widest varieties in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and the desserts…just muuuwa! India has more than 26 states and every state has its own taste (and probably that why Indian people are foodie). But don’t worry; you need not travel the whole country to taste all these dishes. The cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi serve you everything.

          In this trip I have certain goals to achieve some personal some professional but along with that I’m gonna give my taste buds treat by having all that which I’ve been missing for so long. 

     So to start with “Ma ke hath ka khana” following some Indian desserts. I never like to sit back at home on the weekends. Will be going shopping, movie and of course to some good restaurants and Dhabas (small local restaurants originated from Punjab…a state in north of India). Paneer tikka, butter chicken, fish curry, tangy chaats, pav-bhaji, lassi, buttermilk and the list goes on.


     Now the time for some non- Indian food, the Chocó-lava cake. Oh I just love it that on my last Birthday I cut Chocó-lava instead of usual big cake. The dominos serve a nice one (or at least I like it) and how can I forget sizzling brownie with  vanilla ice-cream. It’s the only sizzling dish I like.

    Here’s something from AamchiMumbai (our Mumbai) special, Juhu’s Natural ice-cream, the tender coconut flavour. I’m happy that I can get it in other cities too.

       I’m all set to dive in the ocean of taste until the next visit (and of course till my tummy permits )