I gave up…I gave up on the thing I preserved for almost 4 years…I gave on the friendship I treasured so much…I gave up on the way I always lived…I gave up or it’s been taken away from me? The time had taken away people from me, disappointment took away smile on my face, betrayal took away my thurst to make new friends and the circumstances took away zeal to live… now I’m just breathing.

Why people raise question for me being friendly? Why they doubt when I smile? Or am I giving them so much importance to bother me? Someone always told me to prioritize my life and I ignored. Am I paying for that? Did I give more importance to the ones who don’t deserve or did I ignore the ones who really cared?

I learnt the “Tit for Tat” nature of life. I broke one heart and I got mine broken. What I was getting rid off and what I was holding close to my heart? Now I have nothing but the sorrow and my heart feels heavy. Where am I going? What I’m gonna achieve? Now I have no interest.

I like to be alone now with just my laptop and my stuffs around. I’ve changed but for the worst. I’m going away from people. Am I afraid of getting hurt again?

I’m no more the person everyone liked to be with. I’m not the one they knew for years. I’m not the same anymore. May be I’ve become little selfish. Living in my own world where no one can question me or point finger at me. Where I’m free to live the way I want and not care what others would feel coz I don’t wanna prove myself to anyone anymore.

I gave up all that I loved and cared. I just gave up…..