After a very long time I tried my hands on Activa (two wheeler from Honda). I still remember the feeling I had when I just learnt driving 2 wheeler. I was on wheels but I was flying in the air. Almost same feeling I had today. I drove nicely to the Bank and back to office. Just at the security check I was supposed to slow down but instead I accelerated it more and lost control. Bang!!! Fell down, hurt my knees and forehead. The blood was running all over the face and my scarf was all wet. Probably if I would have worn helmet my forehead would have been protected.

The security took me to the dispensary in our office got my first aid done and we headed to the hospital for further aid.

Around 30 min before the incident…I asked my friend to come along with me to the bank and she handed over me the keys of her Activa. I had expressed my wish to drive it. Before leaving i said to her “ if I don’t come back within 20 min call me”. I was joking, she knew it as well.

My friend was looking after all the formalities and payment and I was seating and analyzing what really happened. Clearly it was my mistake. But what bothered me more the thing I said before leaving for the Bank.

The similar incident happened when I was in SA. We were leaving from office and while in parking we started discussing about the accidents and on highway we met with an accident. Luckily no one got hurt except the car went to trash.

These two accidents had something in common…the talk before the drive. Was it mere coincident or something more? Am I being superstitious? Not really but it’s something that I need to think over. Both the incidents took place coz of human error but there was one more thing involved…the negativity we carried with us. It’s not superstition but it really had an effect.