To survive you need some basic things, food, water, air, some money and the people who can help you and support you in ups and downs. With your birth you get set of people whom you call your family. And while growing up and travelling places you find some people with whom you share a bond of love and you call them FRIENDS.

Yes…friends are as important in one’s life as taking breath. Friend is shoulder you need to cry on, friend is multiplier who doubles your joy, friend is a magician who changes your mood, a friend is a helping hand who brings you up when you fall down, friend is your family when you are away, friend is everything you need.

You need friend to bunk college lecture, you need friend to convince your parents for a night out, you need friend to give you birthday bumps (even if it hurts), you need friend to bother your neighbours while playing cricket, you need friend to impress your crush, you need friend to buy a cutting tea when you are running out of money, you need friend for those last minute revisions, you need friend to go insane, you need friend to share everything which you might not share with your parents and sibling. A friend is your personal diary.

A life without a friend is a life not worth living.

This post is dedicated to all the lovely friends I have who made my life so colourful and meaningful.