“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living”

–           Anais Nin

I happen to read this line today when I posted my 30th blog. I still remember the day when I created my account on Tumblr and was struggling for the name. My mind was wandering around the word “Life” coz that’s what I was going to write about. I tried many options but they were already taken by someone or the other. I settled down with “WhatLifeSays”.

I drafted my first few posts when I was sitting in office and getting bored with regular work. The emotions flooded and I made way for them on MS word doc. I wrote about my first flight experience and my initial days in South Africa. I wasn’t sure how good they were so I posted one on Facebook. I received appreciations from my friends and I thought to give it a try. That’s how the blogger inside me was born.

I tried to write in my leisure time at home but somehow I couldn’t collect the words. Most of the time while working in office; I used to find topics for my posts. That’s the reason the above line caught my attention as if it was written for me.

When I was a kid my dad used to hold my hand and practiced me of writing. I used to struggle but he never gave up. Today I’m writing and I’m writing down my thoughts and not the words by others. Yes, I’m not a great writer but I write about my life. Some relate to it, some find it interesting, some just pass by.

In the midst of living you live so many moments, each moment tells you a story. Some ignore it some keep in their mind but I chose to listen to every moment and share it with all. I chose to listen to “ What Life Says”.