I saw this pic on Facebook and I couldn’t stop laughing. My friends and I were discussing on the same topic the other day over coffee.

Nowadays you can find people sharing their creativity on Facebook or the similar social networking sites. Some are truly amazing but 90% of them are just playing with their expensive cameras.

Some of my friends have these DSLRs so I got an opportunity to explore them. I noticed the basic difference between an ordinary Digicam and a DSLR. If you take a simple picture of a simple object it comes out nicer and better with DSLR. And if you’re technically sound and explore the functionalities you can get even better pictures. On top of it people edit pics on Picasa or the similar editor adding more effects and the result is amazing.

So where’s the creativity? I believe the creativity lies in the view. What object are you using? What’s your thought behind capturing that shot? In which angle you are clicking the picture? The creativity lies in these questions.

Yes you need to edit pictures even if you are a good photographer. But mere changing the color and texture doesn’t put you in the list of photographers. Now someone would reply saying it’s just my hobby but then you are the only one claiming for the title. Isn’t it ironic?

Well I’m not here to raise question on someone’s ability but I believe I have rights to express my view especially when people are flooding my wall with their so called “creativity”.