Just by the name you must have guessed what this post is all about…”Google”. Be it a doctor, or engineer, a student or a house-wife, those who use internet must have at least once Googled something. We are so used to of it that we think there’s nothing that Google can’t find for us.

Right from the pubs and restaurants nearby to the Java or .Net code whenever or wherever we stuck and need help we simply Google it.

Personally I felt its importance when I was in SA and planning out those fantastic trips with my friends. Accommodation details, places to visit, booking details, and car hire…you name it and Google finds it for you. Seriously, Google made our planning so easy and time saving that we had nothing to worry about and just enjoy the trip, as most of the things we booked in advanced.

My friends thanked me for ultimate planning but I’ll give credit to Google and thus the internet. Google search have made our lives easy; with just one click we get the information we are looking for. With its advanced features we can do more, like Google map gives us satellite and map view of the place we are searching also we can drag that tiny little man on the map and travel on the roads as if we are actually there, Google images provides you pictures (even for my blogs I search pictures on Google),  Google translator translates those secret signs for you and it keeps you well aware with the world around you with Google news.

Apart from the usefulness of Google what I love most is much creative Google Doodles. For every occasion there’s doodle and nowadays it has become more interactive with motion pictures and sound tracks. There’s no limit to technology and in days to come I’m sure Google will come up with some more cool stuffs to add into our laziness…lol.

How about image search! Google team, are you listening?