Gone are the days when advertisements were only meant for marketing and to increase sell. Nowadays advertisements are going beyond the product sells. They are touching people with the emotions involved and the message given with every commercial.

Be it the instrumental of Airtel India, the relationship between a pug and his master in Hutchison (now Vodafon) or the naughty ZooZoos πŸ™‚ of Vodafon. When the commercials are made in such a way they are no longer disturbance in daily soaps but are most welcome and loved by every member of family. They are not only liked but remembered for lifetime.

I happen to watch one such commercial today and surely everyone would like it.

The commercial starts with simple statistics which they claim to be real.

For a tank build in the world 1,31,000 stuffed toys are made.

For a fence someone puts up 15,00,000 β€œWelcome” mats are placed.

While there are some ignoring the environment 30,00,000 trees are being planted every day.

For every grown-up who can’t write his name there are 15 kids who can read a fairy tale.

LOVE has more hits than FEAR.

While someone believe we are nearing the end there are 50,00,000 people sending New Year wishes.

While some fights over pretty issues millions share coca-cola every day.

Such a beautiful thought, I personally believe in being positive for the time to come. People say that world’s gonna end in 2012, Global warming is hitting mother earth; they see the darker side but I want to see the brighter one. It doesn’t mean that we should not be caring about each other and the environment but with positivity and love in heart.

They say “what you sow is what you reap”

Let’s sow happiness, love, hope and the tomorrow will surely be happier.