Since last few days I’m getting these thoughts in my mind.

I wanna do what my heart says and what I feel. Break the rules, go out of the way, do all those stupid and crazy things which I wanted to do but didn’t do thinking about people and society. Explore places, go trekking, go shopping (not that I have never done it but restricted myself to some extend).

 Do all the mischief which I missed in my childhood. Bunk office, watch movie alone in theater, pack bag and go out to explore the city all alone with no specific destination, make my own path, stop and click pictures. Get to know strangers, make new friends, sing loudly in my room, dance as if no one’s watching :), and eat whatever I’m craving for(anyways I never cared about gaining weight and maybe that’s why I never gained too much weight :)).

Sleep until next morning or stay awake, I’ll do what my heart will say :). (Oh! That’s a rhyme…now I should try my hands on it ;)). Jump off the wall, run on the road, do whatever I feel at that moment. I’m putting “don’t care” condition to each moment now. I don’t wanna regret few years down the line and curse myself for not making most of what I had and what I could get.

 I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow. I wanna live each moment; I wanna live life to the fullest.