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March 2012

New Born Angels – Anurag Nishad

Island Unaffected

16th August 2025, Saturday. In a small hut somewhere in Goa, a small boy of eight years with curly hair was asking his father, “Dad!! Please. Is that really necessary?? I mean its 1.00 AM in night, and you are going towards sea?? Please dad, we can go at morning also.”
His father was not very tuff physically. Had a small moustache and was wearing a turban and just a dhoti to cover his legs. He collected the fishing nets from the ground and replied in a voice full of pain “when you know the condition of your mother, then why you are asking all this? Tomorrow, I have to admit your mother for her cancer treatment.”
After pausing for a couple of seconds, he turned towards his son and said “I have a deal with one businessperson. He said that if I could provide him 500 Kgs of fish, then he would help us for the treatment of your mother. 15 Kgs are remaining, and I can’t wait for morning. Your mother is sleeping, so take care of her. OK”. “No dad. I am coming with you, Mom is sleeping. She doesn’t need any help now, however you may need it. Weather is so cloudy and windy.” Nevertheless the father wasn’t ready for this. So, after long argument
between them, son had his way. Wind was very strong, when they reached at the sea. Their clothes were fluttering. Father sat in his boat, while son was waiting at the beach. Son, with tensed expression keeps convincing his father that not to go too deep into the sea. “Please change your mind as tides are very high. It’s not a good time.” Father
told him to stay there and hold Lantern with. “I will be back in few moments.”
Son kept watching his father, as he went furthermore. Suddenly winds got even stronger. Trees behind the son started waving. Son got scared. Tides also go very strong and high. Son shouted “Dad! Dad!!! Where are you??” By then he had lost the sight of his father. Suddenly a thick branch from nearby tree comes hurling towards the son. Son
turned around, and before he realizes anything, that branch knocks his head, causing him to go in unconscious state immediately.

The tides were getting stronger with each minute, resulting in a flood inside the village. Many trees were crumbled. Many lives were lost, and many lost their close ones. It was one of the most drastic tsunami in past few decades. It damages almost whole city and villages at the western coast of India. ‘The humans are not strong enough to face the anger of nature’. These thoughts were coming to my mind when I looked up all around. People
were crying for food, clothes and home. Oh sorry, not home because they lost it already. They were living under the shelter of broken trees. Everything was ruined. By the way, I am Professor Himanshu Kher and at that time, I was busy as hell in a village near south Goa. My age was twenty eight. Physically healthy, no moustache and has a decent personality as my friends says. I teach disaster management at Technical University in Bangalore. I was there to do survey on disaster caused by that tsunami.Many media from news were also there to cover the current situation. Sometimes for any technical query,
they used to consult me. Whenever I got free time, I usually help people along with military guys. I saw a girl who was in shock. She was not eating anything; her mother was asking her continually to eat something. I went to her, and said “Hi.” She looked at me, but doesn’t reply. Her mother was also crying. I told that you have to be strong for your daughter. Then I looked at girl and said, with smile “You are so cute and good girl. Eat at least one chapatti. Look, first you eat then I will give you a gift. Any gift you want.” Girl again looked at me and said, “I want my brother in gift.” I have no words to say. I
had no answer. However then I said, “Look, eat something for your mother. Your brother will come back one day, definitely.” She looked at her mother. Then pick up a chapatti and gave it to her. The situation got controlled for a moment.

“Excuse me sir…” A sweet voice then came from my behind. I turn around, and said “Ohh, Arti. Where you have been since morning?” I was in the Goa because of two persons. First one is a very senior and old professor Dr. David and another one is this girl Arti. Her looks were simple and had a fair complexion. Her height would be around five foot four inch, slim, generally make a pony tail and wear a spectacle. As she was a student from a film making college at Mumbai, so she always had a handycam in her hand. She wanted to make a documentary movie on this situation. So she met Dr. David, and asks him for help to give her more detail knowledge and guide her technically. Dr. David is a known face in disaster management. He was strict and always wanted work to be done on time. His look was according to his character: Bald head, white moustache and beard. As Dr. David had not enough time, so he appointed me to go along with her. He also asked me to do survey, like how much amount of soil goes under sea level, content of soil, life of marine species, etc. and finally I had to prepare a report on that.

“Sir, what do you say? Is this ok?” She opened her handycam, showed me whatever videos she shot. I saw some of the videos and pictures. “Good. Fantastic job. Dr. David would surely like this.” “Thank you Sir. I hope the same reaction from my teacher too.”
“Yea surely he will. Anyway, this is our last day of the trip. Mine flight is after two hours. When is yours?” “Well, I will go tomorrow. I have to take interview of some military guys.”
“Ok. All the best then, and all the best for your carrier too. I enjoyed working with you in these three days but I have to go now, as I don’t have enough time.” “Ok Sir. Bye. I may contact you through email, if necessary, is that ok?” “Yea that’s ok. Bye.”

During my flight journey, I thought about what I saw in last three days. I thought about people and their future. How difficult it would be for them to start another inning of their life. Next day, at morning I met Dr. David. I was looking at him and he was continually
looking at videos and pictures shot by Arti. Then he looked at my measurement report. Its over five minutes and he didn’t say a single word. I thought what the hell is going in his mind. What is so special in the video that he is not speaking? Finally I thought I should say
something. As I opened my mouth to speak, he immediately said “The videos are pretty good, now since I have to go for an urgent meeting so I can’t see your measurement report right now. You leave it on my desk, I will see it later.” “Ok, when you will be free, for further discussion?” He looked at the calendar and said “Come and meet me day after
tomorrow, at 9.00 AM. Is it ok?” “Yeah, Fine. No problem.”

That day I relaxed at my home. After three days trip, I was really tired and wanted to sleep, sleep and only sleep. Next day, I opened my laptop and started browsing Internet. I was looking at the satellite images of places which were affected by tsunami. I looked at contour images of affected areas. I don’t know how, I thought of Lakshadweep Island. I looked the images of those islands. I zoomed those images. I saw that wild life, trees and almost everything was destroyed. But one thing snatches my attention. I observed that there was one island: near north of Lakshadweep Islands which was totally unaffected. I was surprised. It seems that as if this island is some relative or friend of tsunami, because of which tsunami didn’t affect it. Now I was really confused and curious to find the reason. For a moment I thought that maybe island didn’t come under the effective region of
tsunami. I opened the new tab of Internet browser and checked it again. I found that I was wrong. It comes under tsunami region or contour, but at the border of it. So I thought that may be the intensity of tsunami wasn’t strong enough. I did more research on this. Unfortunately the answers were not satisfactory. Pictures were showing that soils were totally dry. I tried to contact Dr. David through phone, but he was unavailable. I
immediately mailed those photos to Dr. David and tell him everything on mail. However he didn’t reply to my mail. Next day when I met him, he told me that he had read my email, and he is also curious to know that place. He also wanted to go there, but since he has to attend a conference in U.S., he can’t go with me. “If you want, you can prepare your team and go there, but don’t go alone, as they’re maybe wild animals on that island. Though I am not coming with you, but I would be in touch with you through phone or webcam, etc. Ok”

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Through

Through the train window

That’s why we love Shopping!

Who doesn’t love shopping? Well this question is not only for girls, ladies and women ;); we all are very much aware how girls are mad about it but guys (at least the ones I know) run away from shopping, even if it’s their own. But after reading this post they might change their minds :).

Shopping….it’s time consuming and wastage of money..that’s what you guys think right? So here I’m going to list down some very interesting points…the benefits which shopping brings along with it.

1. Distressing: Shopping acts as distressing activity for us. I’m saying this from personal experience :). If we are feeling low, our day has been dull; shopping can brighten up our day with all those colorful apparels, shoes and accessories. So you don’t have to take us to meditation center or even have to face those unnecessary fights.

2. Simple and pleasurable exercise: It is well-known that almost 90% girls take a couple of hours to buy one thing. No matter where we are shopping, in mall or on a street; to buy that particular dress we would be walking miles and miles and walking is one of the best exercises; it’s pleasurable as well when it’s accompanied by shopping;). so it saves time and money that we might spend in gym :).

3. Motivating: First two points are quite obvious. But how shopping can be motivating? Not able to guess?.. Well when we are out for shopping we all have certain limits on how much you can spend ( if you think we always shop over the limit), even if we (or our partners) are millionaire. Many a times we face a situation where we like a beautiful dress or jewellery but looking at the price we just can’t buy. This gives us motivation to earn more and more so that next time we are out for shopping we won’t have to compromise or be upset ;). We don’t always like to spend your money.

4. Time with friends: Shopping gives us an opportunity to spend some quality time with our loved ones including you :). And a cup of coffee after that is just like icing on the cake. We can catch up with all the latest news and gossips which we are not able to do as we are busy with office and carrying out other responsibilities. (Even you can get freedom till the time we are shopping, won’t you love it?).

5. Monitoring tool: Haha…the point is quite funny but it’s true. My dear ladies, how many times while trying cloths you feel that you have gained some weight or you not fitting into the regular size? Quite often? well that’s how shopping let’s us know the changes in our body shape ;). And again it motivates us to exercise and regain the shape and weight we (and also you) always wanted to be in :).

6. Awareness: How are we supposed to know about the latest trends and styles until and unless we go shopping? And you too will love to see us in those pretty dresses and accessories right?

Sop guys, shopping isn’t spending money and wasting time, it’s a wholesome experience. And how will you measure that lovely smile on your GF, wife or sister’s face when you allow her to shop the way she wants?

“Create her ~ grater”

“Create her ~ grater”.

Inspired by Asian Street Food

From the time I have come to Pune I’ve been exploring many food joints, restaurants and food corners. My search for new places led me to this newly opened restaurant called “Malaka Street” in Phoenix Marketcity mall.

A typical Thai auto outside the restaurant was all set to welcome every foodie.

Though it’s called street food joint it serves much more than that. The very authentic Asian food from Thailand, Malaysia and Japan with quite interesting beverages.

The Thai food is very similar to “Konkani Food” in a way fresh coconut is used in curries and banana leaves for serving. So it’s always safe for me to order it being “Konkani”. The taste of Thai red curry is more or less similar to one of curries. Except that we serve it plain or with prawns only.

The ambience gives the feel of streets in Thailand or Malaysia.

I liked the use of telephone booth on a street as a smoking area.

Menu was quite interesting with some very interesting names.

We ordered Vegetable Satay for the starters and it ensured of the tasty treat.

Here’s the main course: “Kari Kapitan with Kanai Roti”. Sounds like some Indian cousine.

It was served with one of the mocktails of one’s choice as complimentary. The only name which caught my attention was “Thailand Aati Kya” …it remined me of a Hindi song “Aati Kya Khandala“…lol (aati kya – are you coming? in Hindi 😉 )

I was laughing for almost 10 minutes even while placing an order and to make sure I asked the waiter if it was pronounced the same way ;).

With mesmerizing Thai music we enjoyed our dinner. The taste of food and the ambience was amazing and I must say we really had great time trying something new…The Asian Street Food at one place…”Malaka Street”.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

Here’s my first entry for Weekly Photo Challenge – this week’s theme “Unusual”.

I wouldn’t find anything unusual than this 🙂

One more feather in cap !

I  had decided to take a break but I think the destiny doesn’t want me to. And that’s why it’s giving me more and more reasons to write about. Well if that’s what it wants then how can I resist?

Here’s the reason for this post, one more award, one more feather in my cap 🙂

Many thanks to my fellow blogger who himself is very inspiring soul, Antenehseifu for giving me this precious award 🙂 Every award brings more responsibilities and some set of rules which I have to follow here:

1. Thank the person who awarded you, which I have already done 🙂 

2. Write 7 things about yourself

3. Pass this award to 7 bloggers

Here are 7 things about me which I haven’t yet shared. 

a. I’m an emotional fool

b. I love to make new friends

c. Whenever I’m upset I just feel like spending money, may be going shopping, even the grocery shoping will do.

d. I’m very short tempered.

e. I’m not a typical girl. This isn’t only my opinion but the guys I know say the same.

f. I can’t lie easily. It just can’t come out of my mouth.

g. I love to get pampered 🙂

As I promised I  have come up with the list of 7 inspiring bloggers whom I’ll pass this award. (In alphabetical order…)

1. A Traveller’s Tale

2. An Evil Nymph

3. Ferr’s 365

4. Going Dutch

5. Kam’s Column

6. Mozuqu Noir

7. Travel Spirit (I know you won’t accept it but your blog is truly very inspiring..I’m just helpless)

With love,

What Life Says 🙂

Human Vulture

         I’m not a photographer, photography isn’t even my passion, it’s just that I like taking pictures. The intention varies, sometimes it is just to treasure those beautiful moments, sometimes it is just to test the creative side of mine. But ever since I started clicking pictures I had promised one thing to myself, I’ll never portray the helpless people, the poor child and crying hearts. I feel it’s very inhuman. Someone is hungry and we are trying  to earn bread and butter by selling its pictures. Such a shameful act! Moreover I really doubt how many photographers must be offering some money or food to those poor hands whom they are clicking?

Long time back one such picture was being circulated through mails. I saw it and it really made me cry.

The caption also mentioned that the photographer committed suicide after three months of clicking that picture. The scenario was so dreadful. I cried for the child in the picture but not for the person who clicked it and committed suicide out of depression. Why should I and why should anybody else? Reading the caption only one thing came in my mind. When that person knew that the child is hungry and he/she will die soon with no food then why didn’t he feed him or why didn’t he help him to reach the food camp? What did he achieve by clicking the picture? Few applauds, some sympathy or handsome money? How impossible or difficult was it? He could have not only saved the child but saved his own life too. Depression caused by his own act or may be lack of action.

Who’s the real vulture here? The one waiting for the child to die or the one who is happy or proud that he got some real good shot? Seriously, are we being so materialistic and inhuman?

Give me a break!

When you buy something new or you start something new you have that ultimate enthusiasm and excitement. You go gaga over it. I experienced same thing when I started blogging or may be it was destined that way, I got several reasons and incidents to write about. I was pouring my heart in my post. Somewhere I was also afraid to reveal everything about myself.

I wrote a lot in these 3 months, some nice stuff , some just ok. I read a lot for the first time in my life. For few days “WordPress” was the only site which interests me even more than Facebook. I became regular blogger.

Even when I was hell busy in my day-to-day life I made sure to log in at least once. As I explored it more I found many interesting things like followers, awards, tag games bla bla.

To be very honest, I set some target for my blog and almost everyday I wished to achieve it. Just before I was about to achieve my target I felt the void. I had nothing to write about, absolutely nothing. Then An Evil Nymph gave me a reason to write about, that was one of my targets, 3 awards for my blog.

Number of people visiting my blog suddenly increased and many people started following my blog after that day. I realised one thing for sure, now people are expecting something from my blog, something better and more interesting. But I’m still a naive blogger. I write what I feel and I can’t write for the sake of it. Had it been the case I would have scored good marks in essay writing in school. But that’s just not me.

Writing and reading were never my cup of tea. Even when I started blogging I was very doubtful. I thought after 4-5 posts I won’t be able to write anything. Some say I have it in me but I’m still not sure. I don’t want myself to get lost in it and get carried away. I want to enjoy company of my friends without even thinking “yes..I can write about this trip.”

I have seen my friends who are interested and good in photography. They just can’t enjoy the trip. All they do is find some objects and click pictures. I don’t want to be like them.

I have no clue when I’ll publish my next post. May be tomorrow or it may take some more time. Till then I’ll surely keep reading my fellow bloggers posts but forgive me if I’m disappointing anyone who is looking forward for my next post.

Even in movies you get interval to refill yourself. I need the same to refill my heart with some good thoughts and experiences to share. So see you all after a short break 😉

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