God created this earth and we created things to make life easier.
Right from a simple machin like pen to giant spaceships.
But have we really made it easier? We are only making our lives complex day by day.

Look at these simple examples.
Like any other girl in this world I too have high heel sandals. Ya those are fashionable and go very well with my outfit.
But can I walk faster or run when someone’s chasing me in those high heels? Nah…

Did I make my life easy then?

Yes we have lot many things like lifts to go to upper floor, cars and bikes to commute to even a KMs distance and then we join gym and spend extra efforts and money to get rid of that fat which we built over the months by not doing simple excercises like walking or climbing stairs.

Have we made our lives easy?

We played with nature and destroyed its beauty and now we edit pictures on Picasa to make it look better.

Isn’t it an extra work?

We use plastic bottles, polythine bags everyday, cut trees for making paper and on the other side working hard to maintain the balance of nature.

Does it make our life easy?

We eat fast food coz that’s fast and easily available and then take medicines to control diabetes and blood pressure.

How easy is that?

Why to think of all this?
Just imagine the bigger and biggest malls in town, all brands under one roof. They look fancy, a cool hangout place, large enough to spend whole day and large enough to also confuse you. Even the parking areas, it takes some time for you to figure out where you had parked your car or bike.

How cool is that?

This and lot many things which at first sight look simple, time saving and easy but the side effects are only increasing complexity in our lives. We are addicted to these things that now it looks difficult to go back and live that simple life. 

Will it be possible for us to make our lives simple and easy again?