I’m very much new to this world of WordPress or should I call it an universe?
Yes it appears to me like an universe where every blogger is a star. Some are big some are small and some are new born like me.

You see some but lot many are stil hidden or yet to discovered. You have no idea how many exist in this universe. And the one you think the biggest star best to your knowledge, there can one exist who is bigger than the one you know. And then you appear like a mere dot as the earth in this whole universe.

Whenever I think about the actual universe my brain stops functioning and thoughts couldn’t go beyond certain limit. It’s whidespread. Even “huge” can’t define it. And then you dont even know what’s beyond our universe.

The same way WordPress is widely spread. Millions of posts being pressed everyday, at least one new star is born every day and making it bigger and bigger with every word being written.

Millions of experiences are shared and read, emotions flow and every single minute at least two bloggers get to know each other. Cluster of bloggers is formed everyday, no matter how far they live and in which timezone. WordPress is bringing thusands of people together everyday. They are not strangers anymore. That’s what i liked the most about it. Unlike any other social networking site people on wordpress look more genuine to me, I can see through their profiles and blogs. So there’s no hidden characteristic of a person about which one should be doubtful or afraid of.

I have found some really lovely people though wordpress and I’m eager to meet them in person just as they are eager to see me.
Isn’t that lovely?