This day of a year is one of the most special days in my life and will always be; today’s my dad’s birthday. Found this picture on FB few days back; it really caught my attention and I decided to write something for the man who has always been an inspiration to me.

            We always speak about mom, how much she cares and how much pain she takes right from giving birth to us but there is a man who always supports us and the entire family without saying a word and with least expectations of recognition, ‘DAD’.

            The chemistry between me and my dad has always been like a friend. I call him ‘DADA’, ‘POPS’ whatever I want and he never minds. In fact he calls me with similar cool names. My mom is a bit strict about everything. You can say she’s perfectly playing the role of a “Home Minister”. When we (me n my siblings) were young we always had to take permission from mom to do even the smallest thing. Dad has always been approachable and easy to convince. So we used to first convince him and then he used to convince mom for us.

            One sweet memory of my childhood is still fresh in my mind. Dad has to work in shifts and when his night shifts come, we just hate it. We always wanted him by our side. So to stop him from going to work, me and my sister, we would hold his legs tightly with all the strength (which was actually not enough to stop him) and beg him not to go. Even he, I’m sure would have not liked to leave us, but didn’t have any option.

             He has emerged from a poor family but worked hard to give better life to us. Due to unavoidable circumstances, he had to discontinue his studies in his Last Year of Graduation and had to give prime importance to take up a job. Since he couldn’t complete his graduation, he always motivated us to learn more and made sure that we do not have to sacrifice on our education for monitory reasons. When my turn of joining an engineering college came, fees were already touching the sky. He had family of 8 to take care of (including my grandparents) but he encouraged me and without any hesitation paid my fees. That was the day when I decided to work hard and do whatever it takes to make my parents feel proud of me and I’m happy I could do something. But even if I give world to him would not suffice.

                I love you dad, I’m sorry if I hurt you at any point in life. I never told you how much I love you and care about you but I want to take this opportunity and through this blog I wanna say YOU are my hero and no one on this earth can ever take your place in my life.