Well this isn’t a question to be asked to a lady that’s what the mannerism says. I never felt the need to hide mine though. I never considered myself that old until yesterday.

        Saturday was my Dad’s birthday and he turned 58 this year. I’m 30 years younger to him so I’ll turn…(no points to guess my age). But it was quite shocking for me. According to my calculations I was what my age now minus 1 (Am I hiding my age now? huh).  Suddenly there was a feeling of getting older. I looked myself in mirror. Observed carfully, am  I looking that old?

         Noways, I never looked as old as my age even before. People still think I’m just 24 or something. That obviously being a girl brings smile on my face and reduces my age by 1-2 months everytime ;).

        But really that’s the fact. Your age is what you feel.

        Being the youngest daughter in a family I’ve been always treated like a kid until both my sisters got married. So I have that feeling within me. Even when I’m with my friends many a times I behave like a kid and they all know it and treat me so nicely. May be that’s the reason I always look younger than my real age. (Now you know the secret to look younger, you can say bye bye to age lifting products 😉 ).

       I can’t stop graying of my hair or may be even wrinkles on my face but I can surely stop worrying about how old I’m getting. I know some people who are 50 and above but still young at heart. They are like an inspirations to all the youngsters (by age) to stay fit and feel happy and young forever.

      Feel young stay young; afterall “What’s in an age?”