8th March, International Women’s Day. I feel very special on this day just as I feel special on my birthday and I feel proud to be one of these species. I tend to observe every woman walking on road or working in next cubicle wondering whether she’s too feeling the same. 

I can tell you the success stories of women in India or for that matter in world but this time I would like to share stories of women in my life who have moulded me and inspired me throughout to become what I am today and I wish to meet many more to add to this list. Inspiration is always good.

The Creator

For any human being the first inspiration and guide is his/her mother.  I am no exception. My mom is simple but very strict and she knows very well how to handle different kinds of people and any kind of situation. I call her homemaker and not housewife as without her there’s no home; there’s no family. She has an ability to even manage events like marriage single-handedly. She always inspires me for the ultimate enthusiasm she shows and the knowledge she has. When she walks on a street there is hardly any person who doesn’t greet her. It takes her 30 mins to cover 5 mins distance. She needs no Facebook. She has her own social network. She is a great cook and loves to feed people. Even though she personally didn’t teach me how to cook but I believe it’s in my genes and it comes out when I’m cooking.

Thanks “Aai” for inheriting all these good qualities in me.

The Guide

10 to 12 years of schooling is a real foundation of your personality and teacher are your ultimate guides. I’ll tell you about two of my teachers here.

The first one was our sports teacher. She might be the only female sports teacher in our school in those days. She always encouraged us to play different kinds of sports and because of her only I could take part in Inter-school kho-kho tournament. Else I’m not actually a sports person.

The other one was our language teacher. In entire school our class was known as her own kids and for any mischief or achievement she would get credit just as ones parents would get.

Both of our teachers helped us in school and even outside school, a continuous guidance.

The Companion

I have two sisters. Both elder to me so I had and am always been treated nicely. I never had to buy even smallest things like nail-paint as they used to give me everything I needed. I never had to do any household work until they got married. I used to just study and play with my friends :).

Of course I have some lovely friends of school time, college time and some colleagues turned friends. They all inspire me in one or the other way. Someone is very stylish, someone is sporty, someone sings well, someone is carrier-oriented and someone is a family person. They are not just friends in need but they truly helped me in becoming better person.

I’m very lucky to have so many inspirational souls around me. They all are special. In fact every woman is special as she has the capability to create and mould.