When you buy something new or you start something new you have that ultimate enthusiasm and excitement. You go gaga over it. I experienced same thing when I started blogging or may be it was destined that way, I got several reasons and incidents to write about. I was pouring my heart in my post. Somewhere I was also afraid to reveal everything about myself.

I wrote a lot in these 3 months, some nice stuff , some just ok. I read a lot for the first time in my life. For few days “WordPress” was the only site which interests me even more than Facebook. I became regular blogger.

Even when I was hell busy in my day-to-day life I made sure to log in at least once. As I explored it more I found many interesting things like followers, awards, tag games bla bla.

To be very honest, I set some target for my blog and almost everyday I wished to achieve it. Just before I was about to achieve my target I felt the void. I had nothing to write about, absolutely nothing. Then An Evil Nymph gave me a reason to write about, that was one of my targets, 3 awards for my blog.

Number of people visiting my blog suddenly increased and many people started following my blog after that day. I realised one thing for sure, now people are expecting something from my blog, something better and more interesting. But I’m still a naive blogger. I write what I feel and I can’t write for the sake of it. Had it been the case I would have scored good marks in essay writing in school. But that’s just not me.

Writing and reading were never my cup of tea. Even when I started blogging I was very doubtful. I thought after 4-5 posts I won’t be able to write anything. Some say I have it in me but I’m still not sure. I don’t want myself to get lost in it and get carried away. I want to enjoy company of my friends without even thinking “yes..I can write about this trip.”

I have seen my friends who are interested and good in photography. They just can’t enjoy the trip. All they do is find some objects and click pictures. I don’t want to be like them.

I have no clue when I’ll publish my next post. May be tomorrow or it may take some more time. Till then I’ll surely keep reading my fellow bloggers posts but forgive me if I’m disappointing anyone who is looking forward for my next post.

Even in movies you get interval to refill yourself. I need the same to refill my heart with some good thoughts and experiences to share. So see you all after a short break 😉