Human Vulture

         I’m not a photographer, photography isn’t even my passion, it’s just that I like taking pictures. The intention varies, sometimes it is just to treasure those beautiful moments, sometimes it is just to test the creative side of mine. But ever since I started clicking pictures I had promised one thing to myself, I’ll never portray the helpless people, the poor child and crying hearts. I feel it’s very inhuman. Someone is hungry and we are trying  to earn bread and butter by selling its pictures. Such a shameful act! Moreover I really doubt how many photographers must be offering some money or food to those poor hands whom they are clicking?

Long time back one such picture was being circulated through mails. I saw it and it really made me cry.

The caption also mentioned that the photographer committed suicide after three months of clicking that picture. The scenario was so dreadful. I cried for the child in the picture but not for the person who clicked it and committed suicide out of depression. Why should I and why should anybody else? Reading the caption only one thing came in my mind. When that person knew that the child is hungry and he/she will die soon with no food then why didn’t he feed him or why didn’t he help him to reach the food camp? What did he achieve by clicking the picture? Few applauds, some sympathy or handsome money? How impossible or difficult was it? He could have not only saved the child but saved his own life too. Depression caused by his own act or may be lack of action.

Who’s the real vulture here? The one waiting for the child to die or the one who is happy or proud that he got some real good shot? Seriously, are we being so materialistic and inhuman?

33 thoughts on “Human Vulture

  1. Nams….

    Ppl now a days have just become so hungry for fame …that they can do anything …even dance “Naked” on road …just to gain some fame……..

    What you wrote shows ….that how much it pisses u off and trust me these ppl should be punished, it should be termed as a CRIME.

    I hate such posers/fakers , just some money and some fame……hate it to the core of my heart.

  2. He may well have tried to help…who knows? Without such images we may well be un-aware of these horrors. Sometimes we need a painful reminder as to just how cruel this world is for so many.

  3. Hello Namita…
    I completely understand your thoughts and the true intention behind them. But there is something I feel about this post. We really don’t know what the photographer would have gone through after seeing the child in the picture. In 3 months if he was committing a suicide, then obviously it was not something happy that he would have gone through.

    But I second you at your idea that such pictures shouldn’t be promoted for any sake..! :)

  4. How terrible that there are still places in the world where someone can see so much death, poverty and destruction that one child trying to reach safety wouldn’t spurn the natural human reaction to help. How desensitized one must have been to reach that point. Even worse, is that in the US we have no concept of this reality. We wander the streets begging for help for the impoverished or the 99% but what we don’t realize is that more than half of people living below America’s poverty line have flat screen televisions. Nobody dies in this horrible way in our country, there is no starvation, no freezing or burning to death. There is the inconvenience of being poor, but we have to ask ourselves if this is even comparable to what is considered poor in other countries. I really enjoy your blog, I hope to read more from you!

    • everyone has their own opinion…can be right can be wrong
      i read your post regarding the same
      thsi isn’t a war between your opinion and mine
      i just have one question for all teh photograpphers who click such much do they help the people whom they are clicking…forget about others…at least they owe something to them

  5. Hi Namita, this is a very good, and sad, post. I think documentary photos are so important. But they have to be true. And I agree with you, there are human vultures, and the world really do not need that!

  6. it is so confuseing when i read the comments coz i hav no idea wat u guys r talkin about anyways i just wanna say that there is so many ppl that can help these poor ppl but they just care about them selfs and i think it is very cruel of them!

  7. Wow – very sad and upsetting. I am with you – the photo was very hard to look at. I can’t imagine what it was like for the children and people living there. I do have sympathy for the photographer – as horrible as it was to be there – he no doubt shed light on the issue for many, and if his work brought more famine relief – then it was not for nought! Very tragic.

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  9. at first people should change their mentality..lots of people r devoted ,,devoted not for humans ,,,they r devoted only for god,,they throw s millions of currency to different god;s trust but they dont give a single bread to poor peoples… huh ! !!!!!

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