One more feather in cap !

I  had decided to take a break but I think the destiny doesn’t want me to. And that’s why it’s giving me more and more reasons to write about. Well if that’s what it wants then how can I resist?

Here’s the reason for this post, one more award, one more feather in my cap :)

Many thanks to my fellow blogger who himself is very inspiring soul, Antenehseifu for giving me this precious award :) Every award brings more responsibilities and some set of rules which I have to follow here:

1. Thank the person who awarded you, which I have already done :) 

2. Write 7 things about yourself

3. Pass this award to 7 bloggers

Here are 7 things about me which I haven’t yet shared. 

a. I’m an emotional fool

b. I love to make new friends

c. Whenever I’m upset I just feel like spending money, may be going shopping, even the grocery shoping will do.

d. I’m very short tempered.

e. I’m not a typical girl. This isn’t only my opinion but the guys I know say the same.

f. I can’t lie easily. It just can’t come out of my mouth.

g. I love to get pampered :)

As I promised I  have come up with the list of 7 inspiring bloggers whom I’ll pass this award. (In alphabetical order…)

1. A Traveller’s Tale

2. An Evil Nymph

3. Ferr’s 365

4. Going Dutch

5. Kam’s Column

6. Mozuqu Noir

7. Travel Spirit (I know you won’t accept it but your blog is truly very inspiring..I’m just helpless)

With love,

What Life Says :)

23 thoughts on “One more feather in cap !

  1. My dear dost! I gave you very honest compliment that you are going forward well. After all, it doesn’t matter whether I say it or not. It is very much in your heart and knows very well about when to invoke and when again to provoke you to write. :)

    Unless, there is spirit put in, no one will ever be moved by anything. Your posts clearly moved many people who came across your blogs and hence, comments and awards. I like your attitude of saying – “…I like to be grounded”

    I translate and state here, an old thought from our language – ‘Praises are like Perfumes. They are just sprinkled and never drunk’. As always, keep your attitude high and intentions pure. That is what I wish god to ‘award/reward’ you with.

    • Kam,
      It was really touching and a real big compliment
      and I’m greatful to you for not only lending me your camera but always motivating me…
      thanks so very much

  2. Congratulations, Namita! You truly are an inspiring blogger.

    And thank you for nominating A Traveller’s Tale for this award — my first one in this category. Will try my best to pass it on soon. Again, many thanks!

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