From the time I have come to Pune I’ve been exploring many food joints, restaurants and food corners. My search for new places led me to this newly opened restaurant called “Malaka Street” in Phoenix Marketcity mall.

A typical Thai auto outside the restaurant was all set to welcome every foodie.

Though it’s called street food joint it serves much more than that. The very authentic Asian food from Thailand, Malaysia and Japan with quite interesting beverages.

The Thai food is very similar to “Konkani Food” in a way fresh coconut is used in curries and banana leaves for serving. So it’s always safe for me to order it being “Konkani”. The taste of Thai red curry is more or less similar to one of curries. Except that we serve it plain or with prawns only.

The ambience gives the feel of streets in Thailand or Malaysia.

I liked the use of telephone booth on a street as a smoking area.

Menu was quite interesting with some very interesting names.

We ordered Vegetable Satay for the starters and it ensured of the tasty treat.

Here’s the main course: “Kari Kapitan with Kanai Roti”. Sounds like some Indian cousine.

It was served with one of the mocktails of one’s choice as complimentary. The only name which caught my attention was “Thailand Aati Kya” …it remined me of a Hindi song “Aati Kya Khandala“…lol (aati kya – are you coming? in Hindi 😉 )

I was laughing for almost 10 minutes even while placing an order and to make sure I asked the waiter if it was pronounced the same way ;).

With mesmerizing Thai music we enjoyed our dinner. The taste of food and the ambience was amazing and I must say we really had great time trying something new…The Asian Street Food at one place…”Malaka Street”.