Who doesn’t love shopping? Well this question is not only for girls, ladies and women ;); we all are very much aware how girls are mad about it but guys (at least the ones I know) run away from shopping, even if it’s their own. But after reading this post they might change their minds :).

Shopping….it’s time consuming and wastage of money..that’s what you guys think right? So here I’m going to list down some very interesting points…the benefits which shopping brings along with it.

1. Distressing: Shopping acts as distressing activity for us. I’m saying this from personal experience :). If we are feeling low, our day has been dull; shopping can brighten up our day with all those colorful apparels, shoes and accessories. So you don’t have to take us to meditation center or even have to face those unnecessary fights.

2. Simple and pleasurable exercise: It is well-known that almost 90% girls take a couple of hours to buy one thing. No matter where we are shopping, in mall or on a street; to buy that particular dress we would be walking miles and miles and walking is one of the best exercises; it’s pleasurable as well when it’s accompanied by shopping;). so it saves time and money that we might spend in gym :).

3. Motivating: First two points are quite obvious. But how shopping can be motivating? Not able to guess?.. Well when we are out for shopping we all have certain limits on how much you can spend ( if you think we always shop over the limit), even if we (or our partners) are millionaire. Many a times we face a situation where we like a beautiful dress or jewellery but looking at the price we just can’t buy. This gives us motivation to earn more and more so that next time we are out for shopping we won’t have to compromise or be upset ;). We don’t always like to spend your money.

4. Time with friends: Shopping gives us an opportunity to spend some quality time with our loved ones including you :). And a cup of coffee after that is just like icing on the cake. We can catch up with all the latest news and gossips which we are not able to do as we are busy with office and carrying out other responsibilities. (Even you can get freedom till the time we are shopping, won’t you love it?).

5. Monitoring tool: Haha…the point is quite funny but it’s true. My dear ladies, how many times while trying cloths you feel that you have gained some weight or you not fitting into the regular size? Quite often? well that’s how shopping let’s us know the changes in our body shape ;). And again it motivates us to exercise and regain the shape and weight we (and also you) always wanted to be in :).

6. Awareness: How are we supposed to know about the latest trends and styles until and unless we go shopping? And you too will love to see us in those pretty dresses and accessories right?

Sop guys, shopping isn’t spending money and wasting time, it’s a wholesome experience. And how will you measure that lovely smile on your GF, wife or sister’s face when you allow her to shop the way she wants?