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April 2012

Mirage – An Incomplete Love Story – Coffee Date

Today I convinced him to meet me. For me it was a date. No need to say how happy I was. I wore a nice pink dress (pink being color of love) to impress him. It was really stupid. We know each other for so many years now. He has seen me growing up from a low-confident not so pretty and stylish girl to now much more confident, style conscious and well settled. But still who knows today he might find something new in me. A date over coffee sounded perfect to me.

He was supposed to hit the place directly after work. So I reached the cafe first, reserved the place with best view. It was drizzling since morning creating the perfect romantic atmosphere. I was eager to see him. Nothing looked good in his absence, the aroma of coffee, the smell of earth, nothing at all.

I was checking my mobile after every 2 seconds, waiting for his call or message. I had organized my thoughts, what I’m gonna say, what I’m gonna reply. Everything I had planned. I started day-dreaming, imagining myself with him dancing on the rhythm of falling rain drops and stealing a kiss. I was blushing when the guy came and asked me to place an order. I couldn’t sit idle so ordered one cappuccino. It was not tasting good as it usually does. How will it when I’m not feeling good from within?

It’s been more than 30 min that I was waiting. I decided to call him. Dialled his number “the customer you are trying to reach is busy on another call”. I hanged up. Again waited for 10 more minutes and tried his number. The same lady answered. I became restless. Not out of insecurity. I know how busy he is with his work. But I just wanted to hear from him.

I became more impatient; when my mobile bell rang. It was him. I smiled and picked up the phone. With a smile on my face forgetting all the trouble I faced waiting for him so long I said “hey, where are you?” …”hey, I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long”…no need to be sorry dear, I can’t be upset with you. “I got stuck in a client call and now there’s one more important meeting lined up. I seriously can’t make it today. I’m very sorry”..Sorry? I really didn’t want to hear these words. I was still not angry but quite upset. The moment for which I was waiting for so long was not gonna come. I stepped out of cafe hiding my tears in rain.


3 Ways of Indian Hospitality

Atithi Devo Bhav!” which means “A guest is God” and we Indian firmly believe in it. We always welcome the guest even if he is unexpected and at unexpected time. But the way we show hospitality depends on the type of guest. Now you must be wondering how can there be different types of guest. Yes, there are.

1. Very close ones: If the guest is someone who is very dear and near one to us; we get delighted by his/her arrival which is shown by a wide smile on our face. We welcome this guest by shaking hands or hugging him/her. We offer the best we have at home or even go extra miles to by something from nearby shop or prepare something secretly to please our guest. We insist our guest to eat everything we offered. There are always more than one delicacies. 

2. Not so close guest: If the guest is someone who is not very close to us but at the same time not so unwanted we welcome him/her with a marginally good smile. We offer him/her whatever we have at home. And insist him/her only once or twice. 

3. An Unwanted guest: Ahhh! These are mostly not so related relatives. These are the ones we really don’t like us to visit and if they visit unexpectedly we really hate it but since they are our guests we bound to welcome them with a smile. But mind you, this smile is totally fake. It’s a harsh truth but the entire hospitality process is fake. We offer them some food but don’t really take efforts to go to kitchen and get it. We hope he/she leaves ASAP. If the guest refuses to have anything we are more than happy but pretend that we really wanted them to eat something.

Don’t worry, if you are visiting anyone for the first time you are always welcomed with the best possible way. So don’t hesitate to visit our country and our people, you might just fall in the first category ;).

Note: I’m already busy in hospitality of two guest while posting it ;).

Mirage – An Incomplete Love Story

I couldn’t sleep well, all night just thinking about him, rather thinking about what he must be thinking about me or does he even do that? Sometimes I feel I’m running behind mirage. I’m hoping to catch it but its all illusion. Where am I heading? I have no clue. The more I try to go closer the more he seems to be going away. Why is he so difficult? Or it’s me who’s denying the fact? I’m trying to find a small place in his heart which is already broken. Now all it wants is money. There is no space for love. So why am I trying so hard?

The last ray of hope has disappeared. I’m lost in the darkness, a never-ending wait. Will he ever come and rescue me? Will he ever understand me and my feelings? will he ever feel my heartbeats? Will I ever find answers to these questions?

Sometimes I feel I could get a time machine, I could see my future even if it’s not the way I want. At least I’ll not keep false hopes.

All day all night I just dream about him, think about him. My life has become like a person wandering in desert in search of water and all he could see is mirage. Will I ever find the Oasis?

And that’s the century!!!

1, 2, 3, 4…..98 the countdown was on…excitement reached to its peak when it was 99. Many times even Sachin Tendulkar had to return to pavilion at 99. After a long wait he’s now the owner of 100 centuries. I was waiting for the one too, but thankfully didn’t have to wait much :).

I was eager to post it and this is the time when I can shout “And that’s the century!!!”.

“Every drop counts” and so every click on my blog’s follow button. I’m thankful to every single follower of my blog to help me make it happen :). And special thanks to first few followers who encouraged me when this blog was nothing. Hope to receive love from you all  the same way :).

Next update after 1000 followers ;).

Weekly Photo Challenge – Sun

These ones are from my old diary.

These were taken at the end of our safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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Now I’m Beautiful too :)

It’s hardly been 5 months that I started blogging; but it has given me so many things. It not only helped me discover myself but I found some really nice people here. My fellow bloggers not only encouraged me but had been saying such a lovely words.

While some love me as their daughter, for some I’m a good friend. Some find me Kreative, some Versatile. Some think I’m Inspiring while others are running short of words (ABC).

And now few days back I realized I’m beautiful too ;). Thanks to two beautiful souls Nabadip (young star) and Aamina (a friend from the other side of the border) for giving me this compliment :). Both of them honored me with this award the same day and made my day more beautiful :).

Now as all of us are aware, I have to carry out my duties of receiving the award.

1.Thank the person who gave you the award – already done 🙂
2.Paste the award on your blog – checked
3.Link the person who nominated you for the award – yes, I did
4.Nominate your choice of bloggers
5.Post links to the blogs you nominated

They say “Happiness comes from sharing” , so I’m gonna make 5 more beautiful bloggers happy today 🙂 (In no particular order)

1. Sapna

2. Madhu

3. Prakshi

4. Canon

5. 3rdCultureChildren

Coincidentally all the ladies are nominated, guys please don’t beat me ;).

Congratulations to all 5 beautiful ladies…keep posting.

And this song is dedicated to all my beautiful fellow bloggers 🙂


What Life Says

A Thank You note

With every award my responsibility of writing better posts is increasing. No matter how many awards I’m getting and how many times I’m receiving one the excitement is still the same.

I’m receiving “The Versatile Blogger” award for the third time now, and I’m so thankful to Prakshi for giving me this honor. She’s such a sweetheart. Do check her blog.


What Life Says

What do you think?

That’s damn cool and creative..thanks for sharing Lilly 🙂

Lilly Loompa

Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”

A few months ago I saw a very cool lampshade on Young House Love and I had to try it and make my own version.

Material needed:

Wire basket or lampshade frame

Pegs ( I used about 144 pegs)

Spray paint

  • Grab a wire frame and shape it like a drum

  • Finish the frame with spray-paint
  • Once dry, start hanging the pegs on the frame
  • Please note that this fixture is quite heavy
  • Once done…hang (or stand) and enjoy!!

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