When I created my account on WordPress (with a help of a friend) I never thought that I would be so consistent and I would meet so many wonderful people who’ll leave mark in my life forever. So I thought I can start with this series “People behind words and lenses” dedicated to all those lovely people I met here and it has to start with the first among those wonderful people…”Kam“.

It wouldn’t have been possible for me without his continuous support and motivation to improve and write more and more. He not only liked my posts but wrote longer than my post comments ;). (Kam..you can still write long comments unless WordPress has word count limit :)).

Then on one fine day he honored me by making me editor of his blog. But who am I to edit his blog? or for that matter anyone else’s work. The words we write here are not just words but they are our feelings and experiences which the person has lived. Who am I to change that? But I accepted the responsibility as he insisted.

Then he extended friendship by lending me his all new DSLR…oh I was so touched with his kind gesture! Who would do that for a person he/she haven’t even seen but he’s that kind. It helped me not only explore places but explore my new found interest in photography and today I have my own DSLR…Thanks Kam and I really mean it 🙂 We all met on one evening for the first time to collect camera. That day I came to know that his real name isn’t Kam…it’s Shahi. But I still prefer calling him Kam as all my memories are related with Kam and I don’t wish to Edit it ;).

Kam (on left) with Rahul