A little funky, absolutely hip-hop, always in a limelight and so comfortable. My hip-hop shoes. They are so cool and even after 2 years are absolutely IN. Wherever they go (and eventually take me along) catch everyone’s eye and I get constant appreciation for my choice.

Well to be honest it wasn’t my choice. I usually don’t feel comfortable wearing funky things, that isn’t my style. So I was very reluctant while buying these shoes but my friend and the salesman forced me to buy these. Still I wasn’t very sure and was thinking with what kind of cloths and colors will they go. For initial few months I hardly wore them. And now I just find reasons to flaunt them. Why not? They are so cool and always put me in limelight. People always ask me from where did I buy them? And I feel a little proud for making this decision :).

The coolest thing about my hip-hop shoes are the faces drawn over them (which are sadly getting fade away with every wash) and ya the green fluorescent laces :).

I get feel of being a hip-hopper and believe me whenever I wear them I start tapping my feet. No matter in what state of mind I am they always lift my mood. They are so special to me; something which I can preserve for lifetime.