The Making of “Creative Sunday”

While everyone else was busy in celebrations and panting easter eggs my friends had some other plans. One of my friends got skateboard and wanted to spray paint it and the other one had covered the beer bottles with thread (real creativity I say :)). As the oldies say “do something constructive in you leisure time” sop we decided to add some colors in the otherwise boring summer afternoon. Creative juices flowing inside everyone and flooding our Sunday. As I got new DSLR I was too much excited to capture this whole experience, The Making of Creative Sunday :).

The used beer bottles after wrapped with thread. Looking more useful now ;)

After lotsa efforts finally we got the spray paints.

Skateboard is ready for some random creativity after the base coat.

Sometimes scarcity of resources leads to new ideas. We used thread to draw lines.

Add some more lines.

Guys are pouring their heart in it. Can’t you see?

Hmmm….still something is missing.

How about some graffiti?

And here’s the masterpiece….

All set to flaunt ;)

28 thoughts on “The Making of “Creative Sunday”

  1. Woo…ho .. ho ….hooo ….

    Wowwww ….i mean jus …wowww …

    No words…. not to forget we all had so much FUN…… n a big thanks …to all my mates ….also to u …for being part of it ….and participating in it.

    You really captured …..everything soooo well…

    Kudos !! to ya ….Nams

    Nice …very Nice

  2. Wow. Looks like y’all had a great time! The board is totally rocking, the kind of thing you use as a house decoration when you’re not out using it. ;)

    The bottles are neat…have you ever seen a net covered bottle? Really neat, as it lets the color of the bottle show through. You have to soak off the label, but still fun!

    Have fun, and take pics if you try it!


  3. WoW! wow!! Wow! Only Namita can cover those shots so well.
    Exciting! I think I saw this skate-board on your Hip-Hop Shoes Post too, I guess. I thought of asking then, but missed. Is it the same stuff?

    Rahul, Namita, and more of them now! hahaha…. :D lovely!

  4. It’s not just the eye and the lens – you also know what effect to give to a shot to make it more wonderful! You are just amazing Namita. You know what, I am proud of myself for having known you. haha… :D I mean it. :)

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