Once you cross a certain age limit and all your siblings (if any) are already married you are bound to face this terrifying question “Are you ready to get married?”. It starts with not so related relatives and so-called well wishers. Sometimes I feel these people really don’t have enough work and that’s why they are keeping track on who’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette in their vicinity. Their ultimate aim is to make your parents realise that you have grown up now and it’s a high time to get married. (Why the hell you care so much?)

Without even asking a favor they hand over Boi-data of suitable (?) candidate to your parents. Ask all the details about you and feed in their data warehouse to match with already fed entries in the database. As you grow old you become the more critical case to solve. Even CID can’t handle it. But these aunties and uncles are so confident to find one match for you as they assure your  parents.

The helpless parents try to convince you in every possible way. If you say “You aint ready for marriage” it is a total bouncer for them. “You are grown up now. Mature enough. What does it mean that you aint ready for it?” “What should we answer people?” “Is there anyone you like?” “We don’t want to lose on this proposal”. All such questions arise. It makes you believe that really there is a generation gap.  Why are they being so orthodox all of a sudden? Why are they acting so weird?.

Your favorite aunty becomes annoying and uncle looks like a villain. Many times you feel like running away to some island where no one can reach you and bore you with such question. Many times you are forced to think whether is it so necessary to get married? Can’t we live like this forever? Even a wedding card of someone else makes your heart pound faster. You just hope it doesn’t ignite the same topic. Getting married becomes the most difficult task in your life. All you want is some time but you are running out of it.

You wonder how people die to get married? How do they survive? You love your singlehood so much that it looks like a burden to share your space with someone else. Life does change after marriage. Looking at your married friends you surely doesn’t want to try it yourself.