I couldn’t sleep well, all night just thinking about him, rather thinking about what he must be thinking about me or does he even do that? Sometimes I feel I’m running behind mirage. I’m hoping to catch it but its all illusion. Where am I heading? I have no clue. The more I try to go closer the more he seems to be going away. Why is he so difficult? Or it’s me who’s denying the fact? I’m trying to find a small place in his heart which is already broken. Now all it wants is money. There is no space for love. So why am I trying so hard?

The last ray of hope has disappeared. I’m lost in the darkness, a never-ending wait. Will he ever come and rescue me? Will he ever understand me and my feelings? will he ever feel my heartbeats? Will I ever find answers to these questions?

Sometimes I feel I could get a time machine, I could see my future even if it’s not the way I want. At least I’ll not keep false hopes.

All day all night I just dream about him, think about him. My life has become like a person wandering in desert in search of water and all he could see is mirage. Will I ever find the Oasis?