Atithi Devo Bhav!” which means “A guest is God” and we Indian firmly believe in it. We always welcome the guest even if he is unexpected and at unexpected time. But the way we show hospitality depends on the type of guest. Now you must be wondering how can there be different types of guest. Yes, there are.

1. Very close ones: If the guest is someone who is very dear and near one to us; we get delighted by his/her arrival which is shown by a wide smile on our face. We welcome this guest by shaking hands or hugging him/her. We offer the best we have at home or even go extra miles to by something from nearby shop or prepare something secretly to please our guest. We insist our guest to eat everything we offered. There are always more than oneΒ delicacies.Β 

2. Not so close guest: If the guest is someone who is not very close to us but at the same time not so unwanted we welcome him/her with a marginally good smile. We offer him/her whatever we have at home. And insist him/her only once or twice.Β 

3. An Unwanted guest: Ahhh! These are mostly not so related relatives. These are the ones we really don’t like us to visit and if they visit unexpectedly we really hate it but since they are our guests we bound to welcome them with a smile. But mind you, this smile is totally fake. It’s a harsh truth but the entire hospitality process is fake. We offer them some food but don’t really take efforts to go to kitchen and get it. We hope he/she leaves ASAP. If the guest refuses to have anything we are more than happy but pretend that we really wanted them to eat something.

Don’t worry, if you are visiting anyone for the first time you are always welcomed with the best possible way. So don’t hesitate to visit our country and our people, you might just fall in the first category ;).

Note: I’m already busy in hospitality of two guest while posting it ;).