Today I convinced him to meet me. For me it was a date. No need to say how happy I was. I wore a nice pink dress (pink being color of love) to impress him. It was really stupid. We know each other for so many years now. He has seen me growing up from a low-confident not so pretty and stylish girl to now much more confident, style conscious and well settled. But still who knows today he might find something new in me. A date over coffee sounded perfect to me.

He was supposed to hit the place directly after work. So I reached the cafe first, reserved the place with best view. It was drizzling since morning creating the perfect romantic atmosphere. I was eager to see him. Nothing looked good in his absence, the aroma of coffee, the smell of earth, nothing at all.

I was checking my mobile after every 2 seconds, waiting for his call or message. I had organized my thoughts, what I’m gonna say, what I’m gonna reply. Everything I had planned. I started day-dreaming, imagining myself with him dancing on the rhythm of falling rain drops and stealing a kiss. I was blushing when the guy came and asked me to place an order. I couldn’t sit idle so ordered one cappuccino. It was not tasting good as it usually does. How will it when I’m not feeling good from within?

It’s been more than 30 min that I was waiting. I decided to call him. Dialled his number “the customer you are trying to reach is busy on another call”. I hanged up. Again waited for 10 more minutes and tried his number. The same lady answered. I became restless. Not out of insecurity. I know how busy he is with his work. But I just wanted to hear from him.

I became more impatient; when my mobile bell rang. It was him. I smiled and picked up the phone. With a smile on my face forgetting all the trouble I faced waiting for him so long I said “hey, where are you?” …”hey, I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long”…no need to be sorry dear, I can’t be upset with you. “I got stuck in a client call and now there’s one more important meeting lined up. I seriously can’t make it today. I’m very sorry”..Sorry? I really didn’t want to hear these words. I was still not angry but quite upset. The moment for which I was waiting for so long was not gonna come. I stepped out of cafe hiding my tears in rain.