I caught hold of our common friend to help me. There was a nice comedy movie out in theaters. I asked him to plan a movie show for all hoping him to join. 

It was a Sunday afternoon. This time I thought of keeping it simple. I wore a simple t-shirt and jeans. Tried to look presentable. As someone told me guys don’t really look for pretty girls but girls who are presentable. I never considered myself pretty but I could surely try to look better.

There was only one problem. What if in theater I couldn’t get to sit beside him? I can’t even try hard for it and make it obvious. My all efforts will be in vain if I don’t get the right seat. Oh GOd! please help your poor child.

We, the group of 6 reached theater. He wanted to talk to me. Probably wanted to apologize for the coffee date. But doing it in front of everyone was a risk. All of them could have come to know what was going on between us. So he stopped. With a pop-corn in one hand and coke in other we entered the movie hall. All I was worried about grabbing the right seat. I secretly warned my other friend to keep that seat for me and finally I got it. I sighed as if I accomplished mission impossible.

I was way too conscious. Since it was a comedy movie there could be the instances where we all would laugh but what if I lough at a thing which he won’t find funny? What will be his expression and impression about me. Uff! I wasn’t able to breathe easily. I was so conscious of my moves that while keeping can in the holder I spilled coke on him and now it was my turn to apologize.

I was cursing myself. “What have you done stupid girl? You had nice opportunity to talk to him, lough with him, share jokes. But you lost it all.” Now all I was left with an empty coke can and a lost opportunity.