He loves, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not….with every falling petal I was trying to reach my destiny; of caurse hoping for the happy ending. I never thought I would ever do such cheesy thing in my life. Whenever I used to watch such scenes in movies I used to think how stupid that girl is but today I was acting stupid.

Holding hands all the time while walking on a road, sharing one glass of coke with two straws, holding him tight and close when riding on bike, so close that even air can’t pass through. All such things used to sound so stupid to me until now. All the stupid, insane things people do only when they fall in love.

They say when you are in love the world looks pink, all you see is couples deeply in love, you smile without any reason, 24/7 you think of him. For me all these were part of romantic movie; not happening in real life. But now I’m experiencing it. A careless person like me is now more conscious about her looks. I’ve started applying nail-paints without any special occasion. May be the love has made my life itself an occasion. Whenever I step out of house I look in the mirror 10 times to make sure nothings wrong or missing, who knows I might meet him accidentally somewhere. I’m visiting his FB profile more than 100 times in a day, I find reasons to talk about him whenever I meet any common friend. All I see, all I talk, all I want is him.

Aaah the last petal left and what did it decide?