I checked my mobile, received a message, it was his message. Just looking at his name flashing on my mobile made me smile. I read it “Can you meet me in evening? If yes then wear the best dress and be ready by 7 PM”. It took me 5 minutes to analyse what it was. I couldn’t believe he sent such message. I was so excited. Hurriedly replied him with; obviously Yes.

But still I was thinking about the message. What was it about? Why does he want to meet me? And why did he ask me to wear the best dress? Is he taking me somewhere? Somewhere special? Is he gonna ask me out? OMG… if he does…I was getting super excited. And what if nothing happens as I’m expecting it to? It’s better not to keep any expectations. Accept it as it comes.

Though for a time being I kept this thought aside one more thing was bothering me. Best dress. Now which one should I wear. I don’t even know where is he taking me, accordingly I could decide what to wear. Anyways we girls have lotsa problem to decide which dress to wear even when we know the occasion, now I was totally blank. I hate it.

I opened my wardrobe. Had a glance. Nothing looked perfect. I actually tried some dress with accessories and little make-up. I didn’t even have time to buy new one and even if I take out some time what will I answer mom? Why am I buying new dress? I had no option but to settle down with the ones I have. After lot many trials I finalized one dress. It was nice “Little Black Dress“. Classy, not so loud just as I like. One thing sorted. But now I have to hit the parlor for some touch ups. I was running short of time but I had to. I can’t afford to miss on even a small thing.

It was 6 in the evening. Still one hour left but I should get going. I wanted to have my own sweet time to get ready. It was going to be an evening I was waiting for. As always I was hoping for the best. My whole body was shivering with utmost excitement. I was happy but so damn nervous and I wasn’t able to hide my emotions. Applied some eye-shadow, thin liner, mascara and lip-gloss. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

Finally I was all set to go when I heard someone honking. I thought it was him. I went running outside and to my surprise it was uncle staying next door honking his car horn for his wife. For a minute I couldn’t make out what was happening when suddenly I woke up just to realize it was a dream.