My mom had already asked me about him though indirectly. The other day she met his mom in vegetable market. When kids grow older these moms have only one topic to discuss “Marriage“. Naturally these two moms also ended up discussing over the same.

On dining table his mom started opening the conversation with him.

“Hey, I met her mom today.”
He: “Good. So?”
She: “Nothing, just telling you. She looked little worried.”
He: “About?”
She: “About her marriage of course. It’s a right age to get married and I heard she’s going to SA for a year?”
He: “Ya, that’s good”
She: “That’s why her mom was worried. She doesn’t want to lose on good proposals”
He: “There’s nothing to worry. She’ll get a good guy.”
She: “Ya, but a mom would worry. A year is a big deal. So I suggested her something”.
He: “What?”.
She : “I said even you are not in hurry to get married in a year to come. So may be…”
He got furious “What are you talking about? Me and her? How can you even think of it?”
She: “What’s the problem? You are friends for almost 6-7 years now. Both earning well. Well settled. We know about her family. And now you only said she’s a nice girl would get a good guy. Then what’s the problem.”
He: “Mom, problem is she’s my friend. I don’t see her that way. How can I get married to her. And besides that being a friend is different and getting into a relationship is different. We both are aggressive. Do you think we can get along?”
She: ” why not and in that case we can match Kundali

He”No, noways I’m gonna do it. She”But what’s the matter in trying once. I have given words to her mom”
He: “Then you should have asked me first before doing it.” And he got up without having food.

4 missed calls? I checked my mobile. It was him trying to reach me. I cursed myself for being so ignorant. How can I miss his calls. I immediately called him. As soon as he picked up the call he almost shouted at me. “Now you involved our parents into this? I told you right I don’t want to be in it. Why don’t you get it?” He misunderstood me. But he was too angry to even listen to me and hanged up. I tried to call him again but didn’t pick my call. I messaged him. Even I wasn’t aware of what all happened. I explained him my side but one thing I got clear, he was so against this relationship. Then was I keeping false hope?