It was Saturday evening. I didn’t want to sit at home and get bored anymore. So thought a movie would be a better option. I could have asked one of my roomies to accompany me but this time I decided to do it alone.

I had seen people watching movie alone. I used to wonder, do they have no friends or are they such a losers that no one wants to accompany them? The questions which came in my mind looking at people watching movie alone I was expecting same to come in others minds. But I had decided. In fact it was on my Bucket List. Just for an experience.Β For a person like me who hesitates to eat alone in office canteen, going for a movie alone was a big step.

I booked a ticket for the latest romantic movie. While selecting a seat I found one left on the left side of which two tickets were booked so it was very obvious those were occupied by a couple. But who cares. It was Saturday and on top of it, it was a romantic movie. The movie hall was almost full with couples and some groups of friends. I felt little weird to enter the hall alone and searching for my seat but once I settled down I forgot that I was alone, the movie was good enough. I enjoyed the movie with a cold coffee and stepped out of hall confidently.

On my way back I found myself smiling for no reason. May be because I discovered something. I discovered that I don’t have to depend on anyone for my happiness. I experienced ultimate independence and self-confidence. No need to mention but now I can watch any movie alone.